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Posted by: LaDeDa
24-09-2022, 06:25 PM
Forum: Programme Presentation
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What hit shows from abroad that never took off here having the desired impact can you add to the list?

Pushing daisies ... the USA comedy drama.
Itv got the rights and advertised it so much, giving it a primetime Saturday night slot but it never got people interested and ratings kept low throughout its run.

Survivor ... Itv got the rights had big advertising campaign even flame hearts on break bumpers but had wrong host a news reader and wasn't entertaining just bore throughout. Itv had the 8pm slot on Tue and Thur for the interview with the eliminated contestants but it soon moved the show after the news as ratings flopped. 

Remember a second survivor series on itv that was more compact and on less nights in the week but again failed to gain interest.

BBC doing a reboot in 2023 of survivor after paying for the rights to the show but without the nightly I'm a celebrity feel of a reality show fun factor can't see it taking off as lacks entertainment value and will become forgettable too serious. 

So you think you can dance.. BBC got the rights and think it lasted two series but BBC messing about time slots for second series to fit in sports in primetime hurt it's ratings badly. 
Surprised no other network tried a reboot as was such a big hit in USA back then .

Can anyone add shows to the list that had big potential as big hits abroad but just didn't take off here?
Entertainment, comedy, dramas ?

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Posted by: all new phil
22-09-2022, 09:08 PM
Forum: Programme Presentation
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New look for Question Time coming up tonight. It was due to be streaming live on iPlayer but for whatever reason hasn’t been. 

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Posted by: Kojak
22-09-2022, 05:27 PM
Forum: News and Sport Presentation
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Very surprising that there was not already an ITV News thread - so here we are.

Most of us will all already know this - but ITV will be launching a news channel (in a fashion - it will be a FAST channel) on ITVX when that starts in November:

Quote:In the meantime, we are hugely encouraged by what will be an industry-first with ITV’s investment in PSB news via its ITVX streaming service. This new platform will see content made by the ITV News team feature prominently – bespoke up-to-date video on demand, as opposed to rolling news, so that viewers won’t need to jump around multiple platforms and will be able to access their trusted news presented by our familiar on-air team, all on one place, whatever time they want it.

(Full speech transcript is linked here if you're interested)

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Posted by: Keith
20-09-2022, 11:55 AM
Forum: Industry News, Technology and Facilities
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Not sure if this is the right forum to post this, but couldn't see a suitable existing thread.  It looks like a potential u-turn on privatising Channel 4 may be on the cards based on an interview the new culture secretary did with R4's Today programme.

Quote:Channel 4: New culture secretary 're-examining' case for privatisation
[color=#141414][font=ReithSans, Helvetica, Arial, freesans, sans-serif]The new culture secretary has said she will "re-examine the business case" for privatising Channel 4.[/font][/color]
[color=#141414][font=ReithSans, Helvetica, Arial, freesans, sans-serif]Full article: [/font][/color][font=ReithSans, Helvetica, Arial, freesans, sans-serif]Channel 4: New culture secretary 're-examining' case for privatisation - BBC News[/font]

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Posted by: robrymond
19-09-2022, 05:11 PM
Forum: Channel Presentation
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A terrible piece of continuity on BBC1 following the funeral, she sounded too upbeat that even my wife made a comment.

Even worse it went on on the News channel and World News too. It should have been more sombre and generic if being broadcast across the world.

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Posted by: Blubatt
14-09-2022, 06:11 PM
Forum: Channel Presentation
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What is your all time favourite piece of TV Presentation? It can be recent, it can be old, it can be a whole package, an element of a package. Of course, it can be domestic or international. This is where I become somewhat controversial, as my favourite package; from the last ten years, was Channel 4's 2015  rebrand. Its arguably still in use, but considering its original 4 idents were replaced, and the trailer endboards have been altered, I'd call it separate from the current look. It was original, and it was a completely new form of ident presentation.

As for classic looks, I have to praise Granada's 1992 stripe 'G' era. It was simple, but the simplicity made it more effective and authoritative than it had every right to be.

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Posted by: W. Knight
13-09-2022, 11:50 AM
Forum: Channel Presentation
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Tempted to put a few more "r"s to the title, but there you go. And, er, Merry Christmas everyone: 

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Posted by: Daveuk
12-09-2022, 03:47 PM
Forum: Channel Presentation
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Does anybody have any insight into the BBC’s international channels?

Why do some countries have the BBC First brand, some have the BBC Entertainment and/or BBC HD while others have country specific channels - BBC America?

At a time of looking to maximise their programming one would have thought a strong international brand would make sense to sell content. 

BBC America seems the least connected to the BBC as it appears to show Star Trek as much as Gold shows OFAH. BBC First Canada spent much of the weekend showing royal programming - nothing live but old documentaries from years gone by.

All seems a bit of a mishmash!

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Posted by: JasonB
11-09-2022, 12:02 PM
Forum: Online Presentation
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Twice now while i've tried to watch All 4 in Microsoft Edge it has crashed. The first crash happened while i was watching The Big Breakfast last week on it via my laptop and mid show the audio froze which caused my laptop to go to a blue screen with the error code "uncorrectable error" it was also my first ever blue screen error on this almost year old laptop. 

The second crashed happened a few moments ago. Again in Edge, the video started playing and the player then went to a blank screen causing my laptop to freeze and the only option of getting out of it was by forcing the machine off. Has anyone else had crashing issues with All 4 in a browser?

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Posted by: Medianext.MX
10-09-2022, 01:55 AM
Forum: News and Sport Presentation
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This thread focuses on the presentation of American sports coverage, and what better way to start with the NFL, which went on for another season Thursday. NBC formally launched the new Sunday Night Football graphics, introduced on Super Bowl LVI, additionally, a transparent gray Peacock DOG was introduced instead of the fully coloured one used since 2013.

[Image: IMG_0666.png]

The American Fox Sports (which remains under Murdoch control) will debut a massive new Studio A (at Fox Studios in Los Angeles) on Sunday, designed by Jack Morton PDG, which embraces, AR, VR, XR and immersive mixed reality. 

As part of its bid to attract a younger audience (including poaching Buck and Aikman from Fox), ESPN will launch a newly remixed EDM version of Johnny Pearson's Heavy Action, the theme tune of Monday Night Football, by star DJ Marshmello; he will also curate the out of break and interstitial music used during the telecast. 

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