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RE: French TV - News Discussion - matthieu1221 - 10-06-2024

Quite amusing to end up voting earlier than y'all Brits! Worth noting that unlike in 2022 there's only 1 week between the 2 tours.

Lots to figure out for broadcasters for something happening in just 3 weeks. Whilst there was speculation Macron might dissolve the AN, I don't think it was something that widely circulated so in terms of contingencies for broadcasters -- might be a similar situation to Sunak's surprise election.

There's also candidate selection and the left who may or may not try to fight the election as a united front, so will be lots to talk about even if the first few days. That leaves about 2 weeks for actual campaigning... can't imagine there being more than 2 debates (possibly even 1?). BFMTV and France 2 might want to do their 'grand format' interview shows (Face a BFMTV for the former, the one in the 'funerium' set for the latter), but even then that's not a lot of time to have everyone that matters on.

Will be thus very interesting to see what choices are made by broadcasters... and of course, the stricter rules of temps de parole will be coming into effect too.

RE: French TV - News Discussion - London Lite - 10-06-2024

Franceinfo finally handed over to France 24 at 0030.

RE: French TV - News Discussion - matthieu1221 - 10-06-2024

All news channels remain in edition speciale mode today.

On LCI the Europeennes 2024 branding is still being used. 

Over on BFMTV it's branded as La Dissolution on the newsbar but otherwise it's the standard Edition Speciale graphics package. Benjamin Duhamel and Julie Hammett are presenting a special program from 8:30pm. 

France 24 heavily covering the story but back to the normal graphics.

RE: French TV - News Discussion - matthieu1221 - 10-06-2024

The ARCOM has just announced that the count of 'temps de parole' on TV and Radio will start tomorrow (Tuesday) at 6am. 

On BFMTV (and most likely elsewhere) there is a 'délégué pluralisme et diversité' who is in charge of keeping track of parties' airtime. BFM Inside did a nice video presenting the job in the run up to the 2022 Presidential Election. 

Luckily for the news channels, if I recall correctly from the last legislatives, each party counts separately even if they are in a wider coalition like the NUPES. Which is good news for them to sort out the 'temps de parole' given how the left (and the far-right seemingly) will not get their ducks in a row with coalition agreements before tomorrow.

RE: French TV - News Discussion - London Lite - 12-06-2024

France 2 dumped the lunchtime gameshows for Macron's party manifesto launch presented from the Franceinfo set which then went straight into the 13h news.

RE: French TV - News Discussion - matthieu1221 - 18-06-2024

The overnight slot on France 24 which was previously generically branded as Le Journal / News has become L'Edition Nuit and Night Watch. It features... the old news theme! 

RE: French TV - News Discussion - London Lite - 18-06-2024

After a week or so of Franceinfo's Mon-Thurs 9pm slot being Edition spéciale, they've finally come up with a new name for the slot during the election period.

Planéte Politique is presented by Pauline Forgue (Lucie Chaumette's jockey on Planéte info) featuring round table election debate, although they used the Le fil info opening titles.

Chaumette herself is covering 11/13 info this week while Émilie Tran Nguyen is continuing to cover TéléMatin on France 2.

At a guess, Planéte info won't return until the new season.

RE: French TV - News Discussion - matthieu1221 - 19-06-2024

CNEWS's 21/22 and 22/00 slots have been merged together to form a new 100% Politique show for the duration of the campaign. Co-hosted by the two hosts of the previously separate slots, Julien Pasquet and Olivier Benkemoun. 

BFMTV meanwhile is continuing with their extended 20h30/00h specials with Julie Hammett and Benjamin Duhamel (or sometimes Alice Darfeuille).

Meanwhile on LCI, international news has been relegated to just a few hours per day. By rough estimate there were at most 3-4 hours dedicated to intl news on Monday.

RE: French TV - News Discussion - London Lite - 20-06-2024

Franceinfo's second edition of Planéte Politique was presented by weekend morning presenter Djamel Mazi with Pauline Forgue relegated to a role by the touch screen, a role she also provide earlier in the day on Au cœur de l'info.

Tonight they used the Édition speciale intro rather than Le fil info.

RE: French TV - News Discussion - London Lite - 21-06-2024

Camille Grenu made her return to Franceinfo this afternoon after a long absence, which I thought may be down to a suspension for her alleged conduct towards a former colleague, but she said on Twitter/X that she had been recovering from an eye operation.