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Sky TV presentation - channel4squares1 - 22-12-2022

Since there's no thread about it, Sky Showcase had unexpectedly shown the Sky One Christmas 2006 Ident before the first Hogfather this morning. 

RE: Sky TV presentation - Neil Jones - 22-12-2022

Well technically that's not the 2006 ident, which is actually this one, there is an obvious difference: 

Clearly decided to do a content warning sting in the style of the ident and its been edited on for broadcast.
Can't be sure if it appeared in subsequent reruns, but looking at Now it doesn't have that.

RE: Sky TV presentation - JAS84 - 22-12-2022

Well that's a bit of a gaffe - seems as if it must be burned into the programme - yet it's absent on NOW? Definitely should've been edited out considering the old Sky One logo.

RE: Sky TV presentation - Andrew Wood - 22-12-2022

Edited out? What would we pres fans have to talk about it if they had?!

RE: Sky TV presentation - channel4squares1 - 22-12-2022

Which is odd because the ending of the one shown today was sometimes used as stings (See 0:40) 

RE: Sky TV presentation - Rex - 16-01-2023

Sky Atlantic just aired a special ident dedicated to the Last of Us, modifying the Hong Kong ident to contain references to the show and video game

RE: Sky TV presentation - TheFullElectro - 01-02-2023 

The new Sky Kids channel has been found currently testing.

RE: Sky TV presentation - rick - 01-02-2023

Wonder if they will have the DOG on screen at all times (even for a bit) or if it will fade off quickly like it currently does.

RE: Sky TV presentation - g1ngerj0sh - 04-02-2023 

RE: Sky TV presentation - turbolazer - 13-02-2023

Has anyone recorded the launch of the channel? I believe it's launched today