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Big Brother USA 26 - mouseboy33 - 13-06-2024

Premiering on July 17th the long standing American version of the worldwide format, will make its long awaited debut again on the CBS network. This comes on the heels of the news that Canadian network GLOBAL has shelved or put on hiatus Big Brother Canada. GLOBAL is in precarious financial situation. They also announced cuts to their news department. The ratings for BBCAN was low but higher than BBCan 11. This was also the 2nd year of no feeds which basically killed off their audience engagement. So we shall see what eventually happens to the show. There are images online of the studio being torn down completely. Particular images show the outside hot tub are being ripped out. So it stands to reason the show is probably done. The costs to rebuild these sets, especially in tiny market like Canada is an immense undertaking. So shall put a pin in that.

Anyway this leaves the only English-language version of the Big Brother the CBS version which is in its 26th season.
As per usual the promo gives virtually nothing away. And really didnt hype the season, but the speculation is that it will be a Tech/AI themed season. But with Alison Grodner & CO. it will look like v1 of AOL online. So we shalll see. 

Also, apparently with the sale of the CBS Backlot and its future redevelopment, this might be the last they will be in this particular studio. Which means after near 2 decades could there be a new house in the future. We can hope.
As more news drops I will add it to this thread. 

RE: Big Brother USA 26 - mouseboy33 - 15-06-2024

Interesting logo. People are speculating in addtion to AI, the promo mentions the "Walls Can Talk" Could they have install some sort of communication system 

RE: Big Brother USA 26 - Brekkie - 15-06-2024

That's their best promo in years. I doubt "the walls can talk" is anything more than a tagline - indeed they've been talking from the very start when it comes to Big Brother, though not heard too often in the broadcast version of the US show.

RE: Big Brother USA 26 - mouseboy33 - 17-06-2024

So definitely this will be an AI themed season. The latest Insta post features artwork the was created by AI. Frankly it looks better than some of the junk they themselves did in the previous season. But I know somehow Grodner & Co will make this feel cheesy. In the hands of any other production company, Im sure i would have been fine. Thats why the fans love to hate the US version. The production values are absolute pants but the gameplay and characters...another level or just funny.....typically. For example last year Cirie and Felicia where my MVP's too pure entertainment. 

RE: Big Brother USA 26 - Brekkie - 18-06-2024

Well the host has been AI since 2000.

RE: Big Brother USA 26 - mouseboy33 - 18-06-2024

The Chenbot has certainly been around that long. BBUSA was waaay ahead of its time. LOL
Well BBCAN's Arisa Cox is available. Hmmm...

RE: Big Brother USA 26 - mouseboy33 - 03-07-2024

Julie Chen revealed a sneak peak of the house, well just the memory wall....and surprise they have a new logo. As per usual with CBS the actual programme a different logo from the the promo logo. The promo logo was updated to follow the AI theme and the logo that appears on the memory wall its completely different. It goes old school and features a camera iris like the original launch dutch logo. 

RE: Big Brother USA 26 - mouseboy33 - 09-07-2024

New House pictures released -
The update Big Brother US house has been released. Over all the house is much brighter (seemingly). On feeds bright rooms appeared dark. Must be a camera iris issue. Anyway. So the theme is AI. So they leaned heavily into that. Some of the rooms have a fantasy feel. Like rocks floating on clouds or Unicorns in a forest. The rest of the house tries to appear modern. But BigBrother US designer cant do futuristic modern. It always looks Jetsons-MidCentury modern. Kinda tired of it. They again have the same house designer so we always get variations of the same designs. Hopefully when or if they get kicked out of this backlot and get a totally new house they will hire a real designer. But overall I dont hate this house. But there are things I dont like.
Memory Wall featuring the new logo. 

Entrance- This is a new alcove, right in front of the main door. It will like look dim on camera. Seems to be the only structural change. But the livingroom is even more enclosed than ever. 

Living room 

Upstairs Mezzanine. (outside the HOH Bedroom) 

RE: Big Brother USA 26 - mouseboy33 - 09-07-2024

Open Hallway bedroom (Pink unicorn bedroom straight ahead, floating rock sky bedroom to the left) 

Pink Unicorn forest Bedroom (Weird coffin beds) 

RE: Big Brother USA 26 - mouseboy33 - 09-07-2024

Sky Floating rock bedroom 

Kitchen/DiningRoom (living room & main entrance in the background - new alcove can be seen)