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GB News (June 2024 - Present) - James - 23-06-2024

New set preview with Eamonn Holmes. I'm rather surprised how much has changed! 

P.S. Maybe time for a new thread?

RE: GB News (June 2023 - Present) - eyeTV - 23-06-2024

That's quite an ugly megadesk there

RE: GB News (June 2023 - Present) - Jon - 23-06-2024

Surprised they got Eamon to go in on a Sunday. But I suppose he doesn’t have a wife to appease now.

I imagine it’ll was all planned out by Erron Gordon before he left, it’ll be worth his employment if they get a nice new graphics package as well. Hopefully they can’t get the motion issue sorted. Perhaps it’s happening because they changed something round before the temporary move to Paddington.

RE: GB News (June 2023 - Present) - derek500 - 23-06-2024

I hope there's still a 'soft' area for the evenings.

RE: GB News (June 2023 - Present) - RJLD24 - 23-06-2024

Oh that is very nice. A shame it's a hardtop desk and no computers etc built in but they probably didn't have the money. I wonder if they've scrapped the desk opposite (used for Good Afternoon Britain etc). If so hopefully they've got a better big screen.

RE: GB News (June 2023 - Present) - Worzel - 23-06-2024

Looks as though they now have a red sofa in the soft set area (you can just about see it as the camera pans round).

The fins on the right to break up the set look a bit Sky News 2005.

RE: GB News (June 2023 - Present) - South - 23-06-2024

Looks like the new sofas may be red from that video.

RE: GB News (June 2023 - Present) - Brekkie - 23-06-2024

That's giving the GMB megadesk a run for its money.

RE: GB News (June 2023 - Present) - radiorebel - 23-06-2024

Really like it so far. Will be interesting to see on screen tomorrow. Speaking of, “Free Speech Nation” is currently “Live” in the Paddington studios. However it has the old desk and old set in the background if I’m not mistaken. Is this show tonight pre recorded?

RE: GB News (June 2023 - Present) - London Lite - 23-06-2024

I'm glad the old Breakfast Bar has finally gone, but that desk is way too huge.