ITV Schools on 4 interval, 1989-92

With the 35th anniversary of ITV Schools on 4 launching, which happened on 14th September 1987, there was a development of this, in 1989. Channel 4 launched breakfast time programming, with The Channel 4 Daily. This programme ended at 09:24, and there was then a trailer for a show on 4, before at about 09:25 there was an interval, with originally a still image of the ITV Schools on 4 clock, then from 1992 the rotomotion device (link below), with the caption "Schools programmes follow shortly".

This was during the period when the regional ITV companies sold the C4 airtime, and the C4 daily ended at 09:24 to allow TV-am to be switched out the C4 circuit and the ITV companies switched in, like what happened on ITV. It begs this question, when it came to 09:25, why did they need an interval, why couldn't the regional ITV companies try to sell the airtime before 09:28? Were they allowed to?

ITV Schools on Channel Four / Timelines - 1992 - YouTube
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