Iconic Radio Station Logos

Before Radio 1 switched to FM, I used to listen to Marcher Sound (set up by some local coal miners with their redundancy money!) and had a sticker with this - to me - iconic logo on my bedroom window, together with a mug.

[Image: marcher_sound_logo.jpg]

And then it split its frequencies and became young and trendy MFM 1034 on FM and Marcher Gold on AM - I can remember how excited I was at the time. It was a bit weird how they set the 1034 as it was actually 103.4, but one air referred to as "MFM ten thirty four".

Here's the original pink & grey MFM logo - which again I had on a sticker on my bedroom window and the accompanying mug.


Might as well share the link, but there's a small archive website of old radio logos, if anyone is interested.

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