TV Mistakes/Breakdowns

(07-12-2023, 12:07 PM)tellyblues Wrote:  During Corrie and on Christmas Day is one thing but how do people find out about all these incidents? Watching channels all day? Info posted online? Some people seem to know about incidents occurring at all hours and on different channels which are simultaneous.

You never hear about the mistakes nobody notices, so when someone does notice something it might seem like they're just watching out for mistakes all day.
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(07-12-2023, 01:28 PM)tellyblues Wrote:  I know the (a) purpose of the forum.

Not having a go. Just asking.

Hey, it's alright. I get what you are saying. It's down to the fact that there are loads of us TV anoraks on the forums, and Coronation Street was (and still is) a big show.

This a really odd one, the way it started and the filler ran in the same loop until 3am would suggest some kind of system failure especially with the crash into the network feed.
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(02-12-2023, 06:56 PM)Stooky Bill Wrote:  It wouldn't be played in from Wales, I think he meant that it said the name in Welsh on the clock, which is understandable as its a Welsh programme
Better ear than mine, he did say "Welsh" and not Wales upon a relisten.

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