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I've realised over the last month or so that C5 now seem to only use their predominantly black or dark blue 5 ident these days.

I know they are all just recoloured CGI videos, but they used to vary them quite often. Not that I mind, I think their pres is all very nice. 

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Indeed, I did mention this quite a while ago.

It almost harks back to the days of the solitary globe symbol on BBC1!

(25-11-2023, 06:53 AM)Andrew Wood Wrote:  One thing I've noticed with Channel 5's presentation these past few days, is that apart from programme-related idents, all the other elements of the package have been restricted to the dark blue version. The other colours appear to have been rested. Even the Christmas-themed promo for Lidl v F&M is the same.

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Were there any special idents for themed events, i.e. Crime Season, that Channel 5 used to do in the 90s/early 00s? Nowadays it would probably be on air fryers.

I believe Jeremy Vine/Storm Huntly fell off air for a bit this morning. Power failure at GIR that might have affected all sorts of things coming out of that building (as well as ITN, I know Globecast and NEP have space there).

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