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Switching in and out of circuit in Pres A at BBC Scotland. 

Apparently, this was recorded on 6th August 1979 - the day when Thames technicians walked out, triggering the chain of events that led to the (almost) network-wide strike. 

A two-minute edit of 'Genesis Aon', aka LWT's ident theme from 1986 - the full 3-minute version (and I'm personally undecided on it) was released commercially as a B-side to the sig tune for The Two of Us, also composed by Rod Argent and Peter Van Hooke. 

A glimpse of ATV's religious programme Something Different leading into a closedown on the day the ill-fated Centre Radio went on the air in Leicestershire 

And to round off, YTV's last ever 'closedown' - Telethon soft-launched their permanent 24-hour service the following night. 

The first report in this video, from the 1983 election, has two sign-offs from the reporter, one for News at One and a generic ITN sign-off. 

[Image: 1592580878_1869298444.svg]
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The latest video from David Lowe is going through the composition of the Countryfile theme. Really interesting to see and hear how David Lowe's ideas come and end up in the theme.

(Thought this was the best place for this as I don't think Countryfile has its own thread and thought it should be posted regardless) 
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