Deal Or No Deal

I’ve just finished watching it and enjoyed every moment. I know that there are lots of changes including the host, but it took me back to watching the original when it first started, it’s crazy how captivating opening boxes can be!

As others have already said, I like the subtle changes to the graphics, I like the set and I think Stephen is a great fit for host, but those titles are far too short.

I know there was an extra ad break, but the programme didn’t seem to be longer or extended compared to the 45 minute original.

One other observation, they seem to have lit the crowd more than the original who most of the time you may not have seen.

I did miss the credits rolling over the image whilst Noel rambled on about ‘Maybe we’ll have our first male quarter millionaire tomorrow!!!111’ or similar whilst the contestants came over to the table to congratulate/commiserate the player

It all feels a bit sudden from Stephen saying ‘we’ll be back tomorrow’ pretty much straight to the black screen credits

I know ITV like to be uniformed with their credits, however shows like this it feels a rather cold cut off.

I quite liked it. Stephen Mulhern is a solid presenter who basically never fails, so you can see why he was chosen for this. It feels like they wanted to go with someone a little more 'standard' than how Noel delivered/made the show feel on Channel 4. This version certainly doesn't feel like you're watching a cult.

The biggest issue is the loss of the 250k. Totally understand why ITV felt it was necessary to get rid, but it just takes away some of the drama for the offers. Although they managed to hinder that themselves even more yesterday by a very very low first offer.

I was expecting around £4k for that based on the £8-9k an all blue opener would have attracted with £250k in play but guess there is some expectation setting for the series in play here as losing a couple of high reds in round 1 will likely see a three figure offer.

Just looking at yesterdays ratings, Deal or no Deal scored around 400k more viewers in the same slot last week.

Worth noting that The Chase Bloopers show gave it a slightly bigger leadin (about 100k+) than Lingo last Monday scored.

Will be interesting if those viewers come back today, as DOND did receive a lot of publicity over the last week or so, so likely a lot of people tuning in curiously.

It also gave The Chase (at 5pm) a decent boost too, so ITV will be pretty happy all round.

Yes - first ep curiosity. It wasn't enough to have me tune in daily but watchable enough if you're around.

If it does get renewed hopefully they will stick with series / limited runs rather than all year round.

I enjoyed it, but during the game I realised I hadn't really missed the show and I remembered that ultimately it gets quite boring. But that's me.

I enjoyed watching it, it felt just the same as it used to. I can understand the reduction of the top prize: unlike Millionaire, its impossible to go home with nothing in DOND, so lowering everything for the revival is probably to “test the waters” and see how things go, as there’s lots of unpredictability in how much people will win per episode. Its far easier for companies to increase the jackpot later, if the show is a success, than to decrease it once its already going. I assume that, if the show is a success and more series are commissioned, we could possibly see the jackpot increasing to higher amounts.

(21-11-2023, 01:40 PM)Brekkie Wrote:  Yes - first ep curiosity.  It wasn't enough to have me tune in daily but watchable enough if you're around.

Interesting that you mention first episode curiosity. Most shows would take that in to consideration when scheduling which order to broadcast the episodes in and make sure a 'good' episode with no oddities was shown first and any weak episodes were probably shown in the middle of the run so that people who saw the first one may stick around for more.

Alan Carr's Picture Slam had an episode where two contestants banked more money in normal gameplay than the first step of the jackpot money tree was worth. They showed it somewhere in the middle of the series.

His brother presented an episode of Jimmy Carr's I Literally Just Told You, where the contestants were especially and notably terrible at the game. They showed it as episode 2.

The only time I recall this not happening was the one week of non-socially distanced episodes of Richard Osman's House of Games which they oddly showed at the end of the series after we'd all got used to the distancing.

Anyway, IIRC, my point was that Deal or no Deal can't do this as an episodes have to be shown in production order and they were lucky that the first one was the perfect episode in that the contestant won something worth having but could have got more.

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