Deal Or No Deal

I wonder if the premise of the banker has changed between series. Rather than trying to only buy it for the lowest value, he’s also trying to get players to deal very early with modest sums of money, knowing full well that in the current economic climate, people will be happy with just £5k or thereabouts. A lot of the offers have felt artificially low, but at the same time, a lot of the games in the revival have been started with the decimation of large values.

I’m not sure what game the banker is playing, but it seems to be a clever tactic, considering two players have now dealt early, with only Stevie dealing towards the end of the game despite having a higher prize in the box. We also haven’t seen the banker doing the dumb number games either [eg putting a repeat number in all the offers, such as the number 9 if the posyer is in the emergency services, or just fixating on a random number for no reason], but its only the first series of the revival, so hard to say if thats an indicator of a different personality for the banker this time around.
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(01-12-2023, 10:00 PM)Johnr Wrote:  The power of social media has ensured Brad is going to be receiving at least £20,000 (and rising!) for his bucket list so all's well that ends well

Brad was on GMB this morning and now the total is touching £80,000! (it pretty much doubled whilst he was doing the interview!)

Although he appreciated the money he also would like a Ben Shephard blanket  Big Grin (a shame Ben wasn’t presenting today but they mentioned they may be able to sort out a little something tomorrow)

Come on ITV, might as well give him a crack at Tipping Point next Wink
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