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Some rentree news on LCI, as previously reported, Darius Rochebin is moving to Sundays/Thursdays to replaced Eric Brunet who's returning to BFMTV.

Replacing him on the 22/00 weekend slot will be Anne Nivat (a frequent contributor as of late) and Guillaume Cérin. Nivat, a famed war-reporter, was most recently reporting from Moscow (though not for LCI) hence her frequent presence since her return during LCI's Ukraine-dominant era. Guillaume Cérin currently hosts the 10/12 weekend slot so that will be one that will need to be filled. Lots of musical chairs going on!

The 20/22 weekend slot on the other hand will be hosted by Margot Haddad who is currently the channel's international editorialist/specialist. She once worked at CNN and then at BSMART (hosting the odd bilingual French/English show once on there!)

Rochebin currently hosts 20/00, so in effect the slot is being split. 
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The ratings for TF1's morning show Bonjour have improved since the summer team took over. 

Speaking of which, Bonjour ! was affected by the Global IT disruptions, starting late and in a more bare-bones format. 

CNEWS too was impacted, having initially lost all on screen graphics including the lower-thirds, clock and logo, eventually regaining them but with the flipper not operational. 

In other news, Eric Brunet had his last show last night on LCI. He's moving over to the 20/22 weekday slot on LCI with Alice Darfeuille co-hosting. 

In this photo from Joanna Sitruk, you can see that part of the Franceinfo newsroom is boxed off from the tv side to allow journalists to work. To the right is the soft area.

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I wonder if they'll just end up moving the journalists out of the atrium -- like back when France 2 used it, it was exclusively a studio.

Over on LCI, Anne Seften announced yesterday at the end of LCI Midi that she'll be taking over
Bénédicte Le Chatelier's slot (15h/18h weekdays) from the 26th of August.

Speaking of which, thanks to yesterday's global outage, LCI's blue newsbar made its return briefly before noon! Long gone since the War in Ukraine started (barring some overnight filler) when the edition speciale red became permanent.

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