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Well Amazon Prime did a similar thing with The Grand Tour - after they completed their three year deal, Amazon refused to continue the show in the studio format and would only budget for one off specials - maybe this could be a way the BBC could keep Top Gear going.

The Grand Tour has certainly lost it's appeal - problem for that show is those three hosts have now become a parody of themselves, to the point we all know what will happen in their special - Top Gear would probably have gone done the same path, if the BBC did not "rest" it

(09-11-2023, 08:56 PM)madmusician Wrote:  Chris Harris has been doing the media rounds today, as his memoirs have been released.  He said very little (in a very classy way) about the Flintoff accident on Breakfast this morning: 

I've just bought the Harris e-book and flicked through the Top Gear bits, hoping for some juicy gossip from the 2016 Chris Evans series, especially as Harris has hinted at various things in interviews over the years. There's not really very much there on that subject, just saying that Evans had made it clear that he didn't like him very much, and very much making it sound as though the whole production team were quite grateful that Evans had decided to stand down - and we kind of knew that already.

There's plenty of interesting stuff there, though (for example, the fact that the production team deliberately took Rory Reid out of the 'travel' films and made them two-handers from the 2018 series onwards, and that Flintoff and McGuinness were screen-tested alongside Harris who was certain to be staying in a new line-up) and I'd definitely recommend the book for anybody who's interested in the latest iterations of Top Gear.  And I haven't even got into the earlier chapters about his motor journalism, which I'm very interested in reading soon!

Yeah it is worth a read just for the Top Gears parts. One thing I found interesting is that Chris barely mentions Rory. He kept saying he enjoyed working with Matt and later Freddie and Paddy but never really says anything about Rory.

(21-11-2023, 07:16 PM)JAS84 Wrote:  Isn't that the same thing they said about Doctor Who in 1990? That it was only being rested and hadn't been cancelled? It came back for one US-produced episode in 1996, then didn't return properly until 2005.

So, you're saying that Top Gear will return in 2038?

[Image: blu97.png]

Top Gear will be back, as soon as the heat dies down - for me, they should have had a "rest" after Clarkson, Hammond and May left in 2015 instead of shoe horn in Chris Evans to try and do the same as they did. Maybe if they had waited a year and relaunched in 2017 it could have been a better show.

Talking of The Grand Tour it has just been announced that Clarkson, Hammond and May have decided to call it a day although Amazon may continue it with new presenters (I don't really see that happening to be honest)

Cue the rumours they'll be returning to Top Gear from the Daily Express I guess!

BBC News suggests The Grand Tour may return in some new incarnation (rather speculative article by their standards, mind)

And on that not terribly surprising disappointment... 

To be honest, it feels a little like The Grand Tour has been limping along slightly, of late. I'd be quite surprised if they ultimately try to continue it, but stranger things have happened.

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