BBC Radio 4 LW could end in March, but Radio Teleswitch service extended until 2024

Quoted from

"...The EDF website has been updated to show that the Radio Teleswitch Service will now be closing down on March 31st 2024 rather than this March as it had previously stated."

From the EDF website:

"The Radio Teleswitch Service (RTS) is an industry-run service. It's used to support old versions of multi-rate, or other complex meter types with certain functions. This could be switching between peak and off-peak rates or turning on your heating or hot water, depending on the type of meter."

EDF: What you need to know about the planned RTS meter shutdown

There has been some discussion on there as to whether BBC Radio 4 would leave longwave and it would then be used for teleswitching only and whether the longwave opt-outs would end.

As to costs a long document Electric Heat Pathway SSEN published in 2020 said.

“The BBC have stated that they plan to cease long-wave radio transmission after 2021 and that if the service is required for RTS after that, industry will need to pay the whole costs of the infrastructure. The estimated charges to be levied by the BBC after 1st April this year go from under £1m, to over £1.5m and will increase again on 1st April 2021. The BBC have suggested they can keep transmission going until 31st March 2023 but after that, a complete overhaul will be needed.

The cost will have increased greatly since then.

Mike Barraclough to bdxc-news via Mike Terry, Longwaveradiolistening iog (2023-01-10)"

So, the question is, will the BBC be ending its Radio 4 LW service come March as suggested in 2020, or has this too been quietly extended alongside the Teleswitching service? Presumably, the energy companies will not be wanting to pay the whole costs of infrastructure maintenance, especially with energy costs rapidly increasing as they are at present (I imagine that maintaining an ageing and power-hungry LW transmitter is not the cheapest either).

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