Turkey & Syria Earthquake Coverage

It's probably worth starting its own thread to avoid multiple posts across threads. 

This story has been steadily developing and is now clearly a major disaster. 

CNNI have been with the story in rolling news mode since it started at around 3am GMT.

BBC News are now in Rolling News mode with the News Channel opting into World's coverage after opener at 9am.

Sky News have also gone into rolling news mode since around 6am. 

Worthy points: CNN's Laila Harrak has been outstanding, I've never caught her covering a story like this. 

Luquesha Burak - Abysmal at covering this kind of story. Unwatchable. 

BBC Breakfast - Can't help but feel Jon Kay can be a little too over dramatic with his gasps for air when covering stories such as this. A bit unnecessary. 
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