What Trends in Idents do you want to see come back or go away?

Design in any field is no more immune from change than the latest trend in fashion, or online social media challenge. That's good, because you want to see the world around us being in touch with how people think or feel today. Television presentation is no different.

Today's idents, at least on 3 of the main channels, all follow the same basic vogue. Deconstructing the longstanding live action tableau with the television logo interacting with the environment. BBC 2 and Channel 4 deconstructing the symbol to components, like a curve or a metallic man made in blocks. Are we due for the next big thing?

Changing viewing habits mean that idents, and linear television as a whole, are evolving beyond the screen in the living room. Idents might just become a 5 second blipverts, ala ITV in the 70s. 

With that being said, what do you want to see in television presentation? Personally, I want an iconic symbol in the centre of the screen.

[Image: smaller%204.png]

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