(20-11-2023, 09:52 PM)Nobby Wrote:  I don't think it's random. Earlier they showed episode 7 of Camberwick Green followed by episode 8. They are currently showing episode 9 and apparently episode 10 is next. Even if they only had those 4 episodes to schedule, the chances of them coming up in order when chosen at random is.. well I'm but a mathematician, but it must be quite low. I think they just have a normal schedule like any other channel, the only difference is they don't, as far as I know, publish it anywhere that the likes of you or me can access.

I meant random as in the the shows themselves, not random as in showing episode 4 of series 5 of The Pizza Show followed by Series 6 episode 165.

The Fast channel in question was showing episode 3 of Camberwick Green when I posted.

Maybe they will show Chigley next, or maybe that will be tomorrow.

And a quick look and they are using the 4:3 HD versions of Trumpton. I guess it is possible that they weren't offered the 4:3 Raccoons... the people behind the show have been touting a potentional DVD and Blu-Ray release of the remastered versions for the last year or so, maybe they're wanting to save the 4:3 versions as a reason to encourage people to buy them.

We've had the same with Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers, where it's cropped to 16:9 on Disney+, but 4:3 on Blu-Ray.

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