SkyQ >>> Freesat

My Sky TV  contract is coming up for renewal and the price for staying still is going up by £12 a month for their best deal for me, which isn’t really worth it for Sky Signature + Movies since most of the watching we do continues to be on the terrestrial channels and with the dilution of rights caused by the various streaming services, Sky Movies is no longer the goldmine of content and classics it used to be. It’s actually not worth even what Disney+ charges as a standalone product.  

So the question is, having been with Sky for such a long time, are the current gen Freesat boxes comparable? Can you install Amazon Prime, Disney+ and Netflix apps on it, and they work well?

I will give Sky credit, the SkyQ box is a good experience, mine drops connection now and again, but the UI is about as you can make it.

I’m just a the point with all the price rises, paying all that per month to watch 95% of the content i can get for free is not super smart, and i say that after being a Sky customer for nearly 25 years.


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