Classic BBC sitcoms on Blu-ray

I was pleasantly surprised to hear a little while ago that The Young Ones was being treated to an anniversary release on Blu-ray, containing a bunch of new special features. I was a little curious as to why they'd released it on BD instead of DVD, considering the majority of the show was shot on videotape. Nevertheless, according to the reviews, everyone who's bought it seems happy with it.

Amazon have since recommended a bunch of other Blu-ray releases - Red Dwarf, Fawlty Towers, Only Fools and Horses, Flying Circus... Some of which are proudly proclaiming on their front cover that they're on Blu-ray for the first time. I guess it's set off some kind of trend.

I haven't exactly combed through every episode of these shows, but I'm pretty sure they were all mostly shot on video which, as most of us know, cannot be natively upscaled like film can. Does anyone know if any upscaling tricks are being used on these releases to render them in HD? Or are they simply relying on the higher bitrate to get better quality out of the final product?

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