BBC considers "U-turn" on BBC Four closure

BBC Considers U-Turn On Closing BBC4 TV Channel – Deadline

Deadline are reporting that BBC Four might be saved from the axe. However, on the contrary, there are also reports that the newly relaunched BBC Three is not doing too well in ratings.

I'm really glad to see BBC Four saved from the axe, however I feel that again, when a service is closed on the BBC, each channel feels like a "bridge", and when BBC Three closed down on television, it did leave the BBC a very large gaping hole to where the audiences would inevitably go to other broadcasters.

I can see the same happening for CBBC, audiences choosing not to go to iPlayer but instead Disney+, Netflix, etc. but keeping BBC Four is at least showing that the BBC can afford to keep an arts and archive programming channel alive... even if it means they have to sacrifice a 7-14 year old demo at the BBC.
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