(05-07-2024, 05:54 PM)Neil Jones Wrote:  I haven't seen this but I know its set in a restaurant/kitchen somewhere (and not a Michelin style one at that) so i wonder if there are various brands floating around in the background?

Although that being said, its an American show so its probably got more subtle product placement. Not like that scene in Hawaii Five-0 I think it was where somebody was prattling on about a Subway Sandwich for the best part of a minute...

Subway on Hawaii-Five-0 was but the Bing product placement aged very badly....
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Nothing's as bad as the Cheerios one from one of the US daytime soaps.

(06-07-2024, 02:12 PM)James2001 Wrote:  Nothing's as bad as the Cheerios one from one of the US daytime soaps.

It makes Alexei Sayle plugging Pot Noodles in that episode on The Young Ones seem natural.

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The way they laugh and the bloke says "are you done yet", probably the actors themselves thinking how ridiculous it is.

The production values on US soaps are terrible as well, make ours look like hollywood movies in comparison.

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