BBC Breakfast (June 2023 - Present)

(24-09-2023, 12:50 PM)harshy Wrote:  Isn’t there like a VT clock before the programme starts, that might have the recorded tx date on it?

Yes, but you would have to specifically go back to check the clock or slate, it's not something you'd see just before it goes to air as it plays from the first frame of the programme. That kind of check is something that BBC playout routinely does, for example, but I'd expect it's not standard practice in a news gallery where they're playing reports and clips far more often than programmes.
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Liking the use of the studio screens for special topics. 
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(24-09-2023, 04:26 PM)JamesWorldNews Wrote:  Liking the use of the studio screens for special topics. 
For such a small space, they use the studio very well, as do Sport for the rest of the day.

The lighting changes are very subtle but effective. Much of the skill of clever set design is being able to alter lighting to suit the mood. The LED screens are also used so well in that studio.
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