Ideal Worlds Future?

(21-11-2023, 09:56 AM)WillPS Wrote:  Could also just be a way of recording which 'channel' the sale can be attributed to.
Yes, perhaps.

‘Channel’ as in sales channel, of course!

(21-11-2023, 04:47 PM)Spencer Wrote:  Jeez – a grand for a watch like that?! It looks like something you'd pick up in your local Esso garage for a fiver.
That's not a watch. That's a collectable timepiece

(21-11-2023, 04:59 PM)interestednovice Wrote:  Yes, perhaps.

‘Channel’ as in sales channel, of course!

It works with channel meaning television or YouTube channel too. Please apologise to WillPS.
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Haha, well yes - I assume that was part of the original point of the phrasing.

Apologies, indeed!
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Ideal World had an interesting choice of graphics earlier this morning for their Black Friday promotion: 
Web Image

But as of 13:43, they've returned to the usual colours: 
Web Image

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