Pres that scares

For some reason, I used to find the Mastermind theme music and the images of the black chair quite spooky when I was a kid. Also, it was shown on a Sunday night then and always meant it was time for bed and back to school the next day! 


What a coincidence, a few weeks ago, on the French side of Twitter, some people were talking about which TV show intros used to scare them. Oddly enough, lots were Antenne 2 programmes:

This infamous news intro circa 1975, with a design drawn by illustrator Jean-Michel Folon:

The opening sequence of Résistances, a magazine about human rights across the globe, with a set looking like a gloomy prison cell and its recitation of the first articles of the Human Rights Declaration: 

Last but not least, the chilling tune by Morton Gould for Les Dossiers de l’Écran, a programme consisting of a movie or report, followed by a debate. My mother told me that she always felt very scared by this intro music when she was a child: 

I wasn't born when any of these were on air. However, my personal scare from a TV show opening (doubled with irritation) is this horrendous jingle the last version of i>Télé used to use in case of breaking news. Yes, it's literally the sound of an air raid siren.

am french donkey, heehaw
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