Big Brother - Returns 2023, ITV2/ITVX

More promos are going to be airing this week but this time based on real life scenarios. 
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Not sure if this has been posted. But they have constructed an outdoor set for the entrances. its very small. It seems super temporary. 

Will work really well if the HMSs are dropped off by boat though.
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You can see the economics of his version. i.e. There is no purpose built structure for the house. It was smartly built inside a studio. The backyard its seemingly tiny. But I guess it doesnt have to be any bigger since it will just be people hanging out and talking about nothing. I was a bit shocked/surprised about the outside audience set. We know its rainy in the UK. Well it is small could they erect a clear plastic marquee, like they do at the Oscars red carpet? But clearly its going to be a smaller audience than previous versions or there will be no audience...maybe.

But looking at the design of the backyard...yeesh. I cant see its going to be massively different from the house itself. And taking into account the eye logo. Hmmm.

'Big Brother's Biggest Best Bits' is scheduled on ITV2 Thursday 5th October at 9pm.

"With all-new Big Brother just around the corner, hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best relive their favourite moments from inside the house, including their most memorable housemates, iconic tasks, and diary room rants."
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Just seen a promo for Big Brother on Virgin Media TV in Ireland. It will air on Virgin Media One and Two. They previously showed the Channel 5 version as well.

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