Big Brother - Returns 2023, ITV2/ITVX

I would love to see a return to C4’s standard of graphics next time. Simple but impactful graphics that make the show look a little more sophisticated than it is and gave it that Orwellian authority feel. It felt like a sickily sweet fun house this time… odd especially since they were trying to develop more of a Big Brother character too.

The variable Gill Sans type also very questionable. Get rid. DIN + C4 Headline worked spectacularly well for the show even while being the channel’s typeface at the time and felt appropriate… Not sure what they were trying to capture here.

I didn't watch the final until it was on ITVX and still haven't watched all of L&L from last night.

To be honest, I've liked the way they've moved the interviews on eviction night bar last night to L&L.

Casting has been excellent, even if it once again led to a 20 something ITV2 demo housemate winning, even if the winner himself probably wouldn't be seen dead watching the channel preferring to listen to Debussy.

It could have been a predictable win for Yinrun who even I thought had it in the bag until the last day, but Jordan is a deserving win.

Like others, I'm greatful that BB decided to give the remaining housemates tasks for the last week on a daily basis and it appears that the welfare team have been looking after them as Matty confirmed today that he wanted to walk out on three occasions, but was persuaded to stay by them.

Disappointing that they don’t seem to have released the voting stats for the series yet, would be interesting to see how close some of the housemates were to being evicted.

Now the dust has settled, was it considered a success?

Some of the fan social media accounts have praised the 3rd revival. Some have accused this version of slipping back into some Ch5 stunts but overall a thumbs up on the casting particularly.

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