(09-07-2024, 06:56 AM)alex.w Wrote:  Caught this interesting mistake the other day. They forgot to remove the CNN London logo during Amanpour on 2024-07-01.


For reference, here's what the desk normally looks like, specifically for the Amanpour broadcast.

Interestingly, these wide open/closing shots seem to never make it to PBS anyway as Amanpour&Co inserts ads immediately after the intro and the bulk of the program starts with a close-up shot. So, the only time PBS viewers see this part of the desk is if the anchor has a lot of guests at the same time and they do a wide shot in the middle of the program.
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100 jobs will be going at CNN mainly within Newsroom roles as they focuse towards launching more digital subscription products online.

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From CNN’s article about CNN’s future:

“CNN will also further embrace a “follow the sun” model, in which news stories are overseen at any given time by the company’s bureaus across the world. As part of that effort, Thompson said CNN’s Hong Kong bureau will see an “expanded role” and that the organization would “make greater use” of its bureaus in London and Los Angeles.”

“While Thompson primarily focused on digital offerings, he also announced plans to breathe new life into CNN’s television programming. Thompson said that Charlie Moore, the longtime “Anderson Cooper 360” executive producer who was recently promoted to vice president of prime time programming, will “find ways to further develop and strengthen” the network’s television offerings. Thompson further announced the creation of a “TV Futures Lab” that will “not only develop and manage streaming and (video on demand) programming for the Max platform but will lead new thinking about ways to migrate the linear news experience to other new digital environments.”

Also, it appears CNN Opinion is one of the hardest hit and that CNN will focus more on video and less on text
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Would be nice if CNN International went back to having hours from Asia, Europe, Abu Dhabi, and Atlanta. Maybe breakfast hours for Asia in Asia, Euro Primetime still, etc.

I never like the idea of news sites doing less text and more video. I find it easier to read than have to just watch a video, especially worse if those are the videos you have to read any way.
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This "follow the sun" strategy could mean that CNNI operates overnight hours out of its Hong Kong office, for instance.
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Another example of the classic CNN WordArt-style squashed-up captions: up.metropol247.co.uk 
Web Image

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Oh dear!

The “I started” part isn’t even necessary, so not putting that could have tidied things up straight away. But seriously, sometimes having two lines is just better/necessary.

I’ve never quite been able to accept the fact that the Licht graphics are simultaneously so huge and yet lack so much detail. This is the perfect example of that in action: a medium length statement doesn’t even fit on!
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CNNI apparently did not broadcast the interview Starmer gave to CNN. This was because it aired during the first hour of "The Lead," one of the few programs CNN International does not transmit from CNN US. What an odd choice!
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