(6 hours ago)mouseboy33 Wrote:  I could be correct but even the childrens networks stopped and just had slides. It was a strange time.

I think the major three kids networks, Nick, CN, and Disney, all stayed on albeit slightly rescheduled to cancel live shows or poorly timed programming, though I believe Fox Family simulcasted Fox News coverage. Think Comedy Central stayed on too with a ticker explaining they're staying on as comfort programming. I think the only networks that shut down entirely were the Scripps networks (HGTV, Food, DIY) and some shopping networks.

The other Turner networks, minus Boomerang and TCM, were simulcasting CNN for sure. Headline News at first was doing its own coverage (with repeated commercial breaks even after the second plane hit?!) but eventually simulcast CNN too.

(Yesterday, 12:27 PM)EastCoast Wrote:  To recap, was this the rolling coverage schedule yesterday?

2100 ET Dana Bash on US/I/Max
2200 ET No Live News
2300 ET Jim Sciutto on I/Max only
0100 ET Michael Holmes on US/I/Max

No.  9pm ET was only on domestic and CNNI.  NOT on Max.   

And there was rolling coverage with Jim Acosta before that, also not on Max.

Yeah no live news at 10pm on any network.  I’m sure domestic would have kept going if there still hadn’t been a resolution.  But the vote to avoid the shutdown happened in the 9pm hour. 

There certainly COULD have been the situation where domestic had an 11pm show and CNNI was producing a different one for Max.

But yeah, 11p/12a were CNNI and Max only. Domestic started to simulcast CNNI at 1am (with it also streaming on Max for all shows overnight).
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