The need for Freeview app

We have an old LG TV it has no Freeview play built in but works well still .
We have Freeview through an aerial as Freeview built in the TV just not the newest Freeview play.

We have a small Roku device and use it all the time for streaming services now hardly using Freeview.

As you have to go into each app to watch a live channel by BBC, itv etc etc if not watching a show available to stream your watching live..

Why isn't there a Freeview app on Roku and other devices that has all the Freeview channels in one place that's available for people without Freeview play built in TV set?

Recently many channels where removed off aerial Freeview to make way for 5g mobile networks , if all Freeview was in an app would be full list of channels none need removing .

Also stop need to keep switching in and out of apps for set live channels as be all in one app Freeview app all the channels.

Do many others using this forum not have Freeview play built in TV set and using plug in streaming device?
Wouldn't a Freeview app contains all channels be a good addition ? 
Streaming services killing off TV channels so why not put focus on free channels with stand out app with them all in one place ??????

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