That's TV and Chart Show Music Channels

Having been tuned into That's Dance for a while, It's song choices have left me rather surprised. Well, for a That's TV channel.

Alongside the decade playlists for the 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s, That's Dance plays some 80s and 90s tracks, but have included a heavy rotation of 2000s and 2010s videos, which seem to be sourced from the video library of CSC Media Group - which I think is now Trace UK. Furthermore backed up by the fact they have a 'Flashing Warning' graphic burned onto their master of Junior Senior's "Move Your Feet", and another flashing advisory segment at the beginning of Avicii's "Silhouettes" with the out-of-vision continuity lady from Chart Show TV.

The newest they have aired, from what I have seen, is "Dance Monkey" from Tones and I, the music video to that was released in June 2019. Chart Show TV and every other existing brand from the former CSC all rebranded under the Trace name that November, so theoretically the newest video That's TV have could be from October 2019, seeing as I haven't seen any 2020s tracks on the channel yet.

With that being said I'm rather impressed with some of the song choices. I have picked up that there is more to it than just dance music as the channel's name implies, I think about half of the output is more pop music, although I have seen some R&B and soul music. A couple of days in it starts to get a bit repetitive, which is to be expected, especially from a That's TV channel. But the odd track slips in every now and then. I did see "Baby Shark" on launch morning at around 10:56 am which funny enough got cut off and went into funeral care advertisements. I don't think I've seen it repeated since.

I do wonder how else they could utilize the CSC video library.

Sidenote: The video and audio bitrate for this channel is AWFUL. It seems to be even worse on That's Dance than it is on the other That's TV channels. I don't remember Chart Show Retro being like this.

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On Junior Senior's 'Move Your Feet' do they still put up the caption when the squirrel takes a few shots of what is clearly meant to be alcohol to call it "non-alcoholic grape juice" because they couldn't edit around it properly?

To be fair, that's not a caption added by the channel, it appeared on other channels too so the record company clearly issued two versions of the video- one with it, and one without. I remember it being commented on the blue place when the song first came out! There were a few other parts of the video that are slightly different between versions too (one section is reversed between then).

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