Broadcaster rebrands that took forever

Which makes me wonder if the boxing of the logos was a planned refresh before BBC Two’s 2001 look debuted or if they followed suit. Though if they did just follow, I wonder why Lambie-Nairn went against their own branding advice and went away from the stripped central logo (after all it’d only been in place for 4 years at that point).

(17-08-2022, 06:58 PM)jjne Wrote:  Tyne Tees had a bit of a habit of soft-launching new looks - both the 1988 (especially) and 1991 packages were done piecemeal. In '88 they took a couple of weeks to update the programme menus, nearly a month for the clock, the slides kept the old colour scheme for three months and both the static version of the ident and the IVC backdrop went through a few changes in late 1988. 1991 was similar in that the slides and break bumper both came to the party fashionably late (two or three weeks). It was as if they got the ident commissioned and then just wanted to get it onscreen without really thinking the package through.

On the talk of that whole era, I had of course totally forgotten about that Tyne Tees break bumper circa 1990 (it may have even been yourself who told me of this one back in the day). While all the other graphics at the station were being migrated across to snazzy computer graphics, they decided to dig back out and mix in that out of place and somewhat-grubby-by-now old film animation from some years previous for use as a break bumper. Though in some ways that was Tyne Tees charm at its finest in those indie days!
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