need to hold onto the soaps as long as possible

Reading details in another forum , saw some moaning about itv's soaps dominating from 7.30 till 9 on 3 nights...

If itv had same schedule as ones in early 1990s with less soap more 30min 7pm gameshows ratings would be far lower than with extra soap time like now as times have changed.
Also in the 90s itv did have similar 
amount of soap as the bill was on 2 hours a week wed, Thurs 8pm 

The tv landscape has changed
dramatically. There's too many options for entertainment now away from liner tv channels as streaming impact felt more. 

(Away from live sport events) say if focus on BBC one weeknights output...outside say MasterChef and repair shop from 7 till 9pm what other shows bring in the ratings on regular basis?

On channel 4 can only think of bake off between 7 and 9pm 

 Surprised bbc one not helping EastEnders this year at all first moving it against Emmerdale then booting it onto bbc two...
Shouldnt channels try to hold onto stand out shows as long as possible now and help them as harder than ever get regular ratings on weeknights between 7 and 9 pm? 

Look at other channels between 7 and 9pm and how very few shows rate above 2 million, outside of bake off, master chef, repair shop what other shows actually stand out now? 

Honestly believe in future there will be more live news in primetime and shows like the one show type chat shows to fill up to 9pm and very few commissioning anything else.

Even if itv's soaps decline to 2 million per episode by then will still stand out as high ratings as nothing will slow the tide now. As very few alternative shows offered by other channels from 7 till 9 hardly grabbing great ratings.

Prediction in coming years that itv fills evenings with more (this morning) type live filler shows up to 9pm but keeps soaps as they are as no matter how low ratings get as years pass nothing would stand out now and going back to 30 minute gameshows at 7pm is in the past.

I’m not sure this is the case though.

Soaps (or most continuing dramas) have been — and continue to be — an integral part of most channel’s offers.

Sure, there’s fragmentation and specialisation of channel offers but this has been the case since satellite tv burst on to the scene in the late 80s and early 90s.

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