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(23-06-2024, 08:24 PM)radiorebel Wrote:  Really like it so far. Will be interesting to see on screen tomorrow. Speaking of, “Free Speech Nation” is currently “Live” in the Paddington studios. However it has the old desk and old set in the background if I’m not mistaken. Is this show tonight pre recorded?

Yes it's pre-recorded. No way they'll be able to broadcast live when the studio is under renovation

Now that is way better than what GBN launched with and what they've had (albeit with some minor tweaks) over the last 3 years. I'd go as far as to say that's how GBN should have looked when it first launched. It looks more like an actual news channel set than the awful black IKEA rejects look they started with before Andrew Neil b*ggered off!
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I am interested to see what the big changes will be - they had only what two/three days to get the work done - that is fast, and I wonder if there will be more tech problems from tomorrow with the upgrade?

It looks like it's only the breakfast bar (now desk) and sofa area that has changed, and only the Breakfast branding in terms of graphics. No changes to lower thirds etc.

Here are some images of the set, courtesy of Erron Gordon: 
Web Image 
Web Image 
Web Image 
Web Image

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Just caught a bit of Good Afternoon Britain. Having a wide shot out of a break showing empty chairs on the oversized desk isn't a great move.

A video of the updated set being constructed... 
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Looks decent, the best you could realistically expect without a total rethink and refit. Fortunately the desk doesn't look so comically big on the studio cameras as it did in Eamonn Holmes' instagram video.

I wonder if they will get rid of the desk space opposite now that the ridicilous looking kitchen island has been replaced with something newsy. Seems especially redundant when the Westminster cupboard seems to fit the purpose of mixing up the look of someone behind a desk.

Speaking of Westminster. Its interesting they didnt have the same design "language" as the new HQ set or vice versa. I dont actually watch GBN. I could see the Westminster set getting rid of the plain white wing walls and they could have used the frosted "fins" that change colours. To unite the design language from both locations. Just a thought. But overall anything they did is an improvement for those that watch that channel.

(24-06-2024, 03:08 PM)Worzel Wrote:  A video of the updated set being constructed... 

From a presentation perspective, its interesting that the dark hole of doom corner and the sofa/desk areas now appears to have a glass wall separating them. Potentially making 2 studios in Paddington viable.

Overall an improvement. The white desk is particularly gives better shot potential for guests, and better talent lighting with an uplight/vanity light effect with the reflection.

Britain's newsroom background needs a rethink. The extra whiteness on the screens lightens the picture too much with a white desk, Nana looked under exposed today so they need to consider black/brown faces and how to work the setup to work for the talent. She's always looked great on her own show against the colour geometric shape background, so it has been done in the past.
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