Wimbledon 2024

(13-07-2024, 10:19 PM)RhysJR Wrote:  There's decent danger that Centre Court could reach the curfew tonight. for the first time this tournament. Both doubles finals have been lengthy epics.

I don't think the women's doubles final will go past 23:00 (we are at 6-6 in the second set), but not sure when they would think best to schedule it tomorrow if it does. I'd guess pre-roof there is precedent.

Naturally, BBC Two has stuck with the live action. Today at Wimbledon will not air on BBC Two until 00:45, and the Aretha Franklin programming originally scheduled to start at 21:10 is pushed back to at least 22:30.

I cursed that!

BBC Two off air with Clare in the indoor studio with pitch black behind her at 22:35, followed by the scheduled Aretha Franklin programmes. Luckily there is no Today at the Test tonight, but the golf highlights will air at round midnight with Today at Wimbledon airing after it. Surpised the golf didn't air on the Red Button channel first.
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Sighs of relief all around from the BBC schdulers that the tennis didn't get close to going past 18:00 (singles that is). Everything on track for later.

Countryfile has now been moved to BBC One with the channel swap happening now rather than at 18:20.
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An early switch to BBC2 with just three sets in the final.

Also means the news has been extended from 10 mins to 20 mins.

The news after the football is still down to be 45 mins. Surely that might change, unless it’s due to the news out of America in the early hours.
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And that concludes Wimbledon 2024 as BBC Two comes off air for the final time.

Congratulations and thanks to all in front and behind the camera for their efforts.

And thanks to editor Sally Richardson and executive producer Ali McIntyre as they say farewell to the BBC's coverage of Wimbledon for the final time 9andkudos to Clare for announcing this as she closed BBC One).

Until next year...
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The BBC viewing figures for the singles final are in. Both down on last year, the women's marginally, and the men's significantly - although this one was far shorter and far less competitive.

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Still impressive numbers - there aren't many programmes nowadays that can command that sort of audience, particularly as the men's was so (relatively) brief.
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Outside of the Olympics, and perhaps even including the Olympics, that will likely be one of the highest figures for womens sport this year too considering there is no major womens football tournament this year.
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