ITN Classic Election Showcase:

From 21.45 tonight until who knows ITN archive will be showcasing, a spectacular mashup of every ITN overnight election programme from 1959 to 1997, throughout the night. ITN have also said they will be "LIVE" all night so we can send comment and maybe get reply's.

I for one will be dipping in, hopefully we will get to see more from the 1974 elections which included that new graphic machine or as other have highlighted 1983.

Hopeful this thread can keep the main thread from clogging up and we will get some real treats tonight.

You can watch it here: 
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Weird time to do it, when everyone is like watching the election... ?
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To be fair after the exit poll it doesn't get interesting until just after midnight.

Pity it clashes with the real thing but hope it will be available to catch up.

Certainly looking forward to it, if not quite a warts-and-all replay a la BBC Parliament, at least they’ve gone to all the effort - a lot of this footage will no doubt have remained unseen since the night of transmission (among other things, there’s an interview with The Beatles from the 1964 programme)

Perhaps by way of a preamble, some YT clips of note - behind the scenes at the 1970 election from the then new ITN House on Wells Street. 

Channel 4 News looking back through the archives to trace the development of KDF9, VT30, VT80 and all those election computers. 

And a behind the scenes report from Nicholas Owen from the eve of the 2001 election. Seem to recall Jonathan Dimbleby did a further behind the scenes show ‘Election Diary’ that went out the following Sunday - wouldn’t mind seeing that again. 

I'm sure it will stay up there, would be ridiculous if it isn't. A lot of the people interested in it will be political junkies too caught up in the real election to watch it live.

(04-07-2024, 07:23 PM)lookoutwales Wrote:  Perhaps by way of a preamble, some YT clips of note - behind the scenes at the 1970 election from the then new ITN House on Wells Street. 

Interesting that the sign still has the old circular ITN logo on- I wasn't even aware that logo was still in use when they moved to Wells Street! Can't have been there for long all, the others photos I've seen have the outline logo (which is on the cameras in that video).
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ITN video is given us a REAL mix bag and you can rewind back to the start so it looks like it will be around for a while!

Definitely hope it stays there, I want to watch it over the weekend. Not watching it tonight for obvious reasons.

Just had a quick look, the 59, 64 and 66 elections are quite poor optical 405>625 conversions (probably done back in the 70s... or even late 60s), but I imagine the original quads are long gone so a better electronic transfer can't be done. Though still remarkable they survive as video in some form rather than telerecordings.

Opens with the Granada clock as well, so clearly the 59 recording must have been made by them!

In fact the opening of 59 shown as part of the Unforgettable Election Moments show in 2015, despite being cropped to 16:9, actually looks better (and had a lot fewer tape dropouts and damage) than the version shown here, so there must be 2 different VT recordings of it in existence.. which is even more remarkable.

IIRC, Granada were big advocates in using early videotape as well as archiving as much as they could.

I think a 16mm telerecording also exists of the 1959 election - we do know Associated Rediffusion’s closedown from that night (Redvers Kyle on duty) exists on film.

Having a quick look though, some of the clips from 1959 in there are from telerecordings, including the Gaitskell concession, which was shown from videotape in said show from 2015. The bits from telerecordings do look a hell of a lot better than those from the optical VT conversions.

The VT clips from that 2015 show do look like electronic conversions as well (or at least a much better optical one), so there surely must be two VT recordings of 1959 out there (as well as a telerecording)... seems strange that ITN themselves seem to have the lower quality and likely less complete one. Makes you wonder if there's better copies of 64 and 66 as well. 

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