ITN Classic Election Showcase:

Had chance to leaf through the programme - and on the whole, a well crafted and compiled compilation.

Wish we could have seen more from the 1974 programmes with Robert Kee - particularly given the historical standpoint - but we did see some rather generous long sequences from most years.

The nascent feel of the 1959 coverage was much in evidence (very basic set, results-on-camera straight off the teleprinters etc.), even with the likes of Brian Connell and Brian Inglis at their disposal. Not too sure whether Ian Trethowan was cut out to be an anchor in the Dimbleby or Burnet mould.

It did surprise me that ITN stuck with the idea of two-tier studios (in various guises) at Wells Street for so long but it seemed to work well. There was even a third tier in 1970 to house a couple of the pollsters.

Always fun to see the development of the graphics, too - which looked relatively clean on both the BBC and ITV programmes in 1979, though by then, VT30 (still overseen by Peter Snow) was looking relatively archaic even then.

There were a few clips of 'day two' towards the end - especially from 1997 (David Butler even popped up briefly) - I was surprised they didn't show Harold Wilson's interview on a train with John Whale in 1966, just after he had famously snubbed the BBC's John Morgan (leading to Burnet quipping about travelling 'ITN class')

All in all - without hopefully giving away too much - definitely worth your time.

I would have expected the train interview to be there, it's one of the iconic election moments.

One of the more interesting clips is from 1983 ( 1h 10m) Where ITN interviews people on how and why they switched parties, its shame this doesn't make a come back.

Watching it right now, there's some brief black screens between some camera shots on the 1997 coverage that isn't there on the off-air recording that's on YouTube. They're using a clean recording for this video, so maybe it's something to do with the way the clean feed was set up.

Watching it back, most of it seems to come from clean feeds, without the results captions across the bottom of the screen. 1970 is the only one where you can see any (though I don't think they had them on the previous elections- though the BBC did in 66).

There are points in the 83 and 87 coverage where you can see the full screen graphics squash upwards to make room for where they were, and Martyn Lewis at the start of 83 points out a caption we can't see. I wonder if ITN have both clean and dirty versions of these elections like the BBC do? There's off air coverage of part of 83 and all of 97 on YouTube that has them where they're missing here.

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