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MFTJA (4th August 2022, 7.47pm)
"Suppose we need an NI News thread. There was a bit of a cockup at the end of tonights Newsline, they had a nice wide shot of the studio, but the closing music failed to play. It then cut to an odd frame of the titles for a few seconds before fading into a trailer for another programme."

Superman 1986 (4th August, 9.33pm)
"Newsline’s getting a new set in early autumn according to Cleanfeed @ The TV Room. So a temporary set is a matter of weeks away. It’ll be curious to see where the temporary set might be?"

rick (4th August, 10.27pm)
"Would be nice if they finally fixed their titles to remove the badly placed BBC logo as the box around it is visible!"

denton (4th August, 10.32pm)
"It'll be in Studio One while Studio B has the set replaced. That happened in 2016 too when the current set was installed."

Superman 1986 (5th August, 9.31am)
"A complete updated title sequence would be nice."

MFTJA (5th August, 9.36am)
"We won’t be getting that until spring 2023 unless they want to pull a North West Tonight and pour a lot of time and effort into new graphics and titles only to be shoehorned into the corporate look a matter of months later."

Clean Feed (5th August, 10.49am)
"As well as the issue at the end of the 6.30pm yesterday (see clip below), there was an intermittent sound issue on the 10.30pm bulletin, which affected some report packages."

"As revealed on Clean Feed some months ago, a set change is coming soon.

And not long to wait now until the temporary set (based in Studio 1 BH) goes on air. The programme will be based there for a while. A revamped Studio B will go on air in the early autumn.

Unlike the temporary studio arrangement in 2016, the existing set won't be moving to Studio 1 this time. So look out for some differences."
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