BBC to sell Elstree Centre

(20-08-2022, 11:11 PM)Clean Feed Wrote:  
(20-08-2022, 10:46 PM)all new phil Wrote:  Surely it’d be more economical (in the bigger scheme of things) to produce more episodes per week rather than fewer?

Not sure that putting even more pressure on the existing crew is going to produce desirable results. It's not in a terribly great place as things stand - coming in well behind Coronation Street and Emmerdale. It's not the ratings winner it once was - so no longer a terribly valuable asset in the BBC One schedule.

It's been messed about in the schedules something shocking. You don't do that with a show you value.

Incidentally, this week's Media Show, debates whether or not soaps still matter: Have Soaps Run Their Course?

If Auntie truly valued Enders, they would have moved it to 7pm when ITV did their jiggery pokery with their own schedules earlier this year. The fact that they didn't suggests to me that they are indeed killing it slowly, as is the BBC way.

"Do you know, I think you're right, Alastair - but then you generally are."

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