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RE: French TV - News Discussion - London Lite - 30-06-2023

BFMTV stayed on-air overnight to cover the continuing unrest in Nanterre and other banlieues across the country.

RE: French TV - News Discussion - matthieu1221 - 30-06-2023

(30-06-2023, 12:34 PM)London Lite Wrote:  BFMTV stayed on-air overnight to cover the continuing unrest in Nanterre and other banlieues across the country.
Thomas Joubert and Celine Pitelet took over from Maxime Switek at 1am, Premiere Edition's first part started 30 mins early at 4am and the main Premiere Edition slot started at 5:30am. 

LCI was live until approximately 2:30am with Damien Givelet and Lydie Harrouche taking over from Eric Brunet and Julie Hammett from midnight. 

RE: French TV - News Discussion - London Lite - 30-06-2023

The BFM regional channel resources have been essential for tonight's coverage of the continuing unrest across French cities on BFMTV.

Journalists from BFM Marseille and BFM Lyon have been used on the main channel for footage and lives.

RE: French TV - News Discussion - Medianext.MX - 01-07-2023

Once again, BFM TV is live overnight, as 7 Jours BFM has been extended to midnight, with Week-end Direct filling the early overnight spots until 3h (at least). The channel is also working on a fast-turnaround special report (under the Ligne Rouge format) recapping the events of the past few hours, and will air sometime during the day.

LCI has mostly stuck today with its full-time Ukraine invasion coverage, but it is also live during a portion of overnight to cover the unrest fully. Another channel not known for serious news coverage, CNEWS, has been also been extending live programming up to 2h, both yesterday and today; additionally, its morning show began at 5h Friday.

Thanks to the protests, the 20h newscasts have been posting very high ratings during these few days: on Thursday, Gilles Bouleau on TF1 passed the 5 million barrier (29,2%, 5.18 million), whilst Anne-Sophie Lapix on France 2 got very close with 4,21 million viewers (23,8%). M6's 19h45 with Xavier de Moulins, not known for its serious news coverage too, did get an unusually high 2.13 million viewers (12,6%).

And, in the case of news channels, BFM TV got a boost with the unrests, getting a 5.4% rating and placing fifth in the general ranking, boosted in the demo with 7.7%, placing it in fourth in that group. 

RE: French TV - News Discussion - matthieu1221 - 01-07-2023

BFMTV after Ligne Rouge was a replay of the previous hours of Weekend Direct with sometimes misleading 'images en direct' references which probably couldn't have been removed when replayed.

LCI has been alternating local and Ukrainian coverage with Thomas Misrachi appearing for full coverage from midnight until 2am.

RE: French TV - News Discussion - London Lite - 02-07-2023

BFMTV was live again until 0255 CET and then started looping Weekend Direct. 7 Jours BFM was until midnight again with Weekend Direct from midnight to 2.55.

RE: French TV - News Discussion - matthieu1221 - 02-07-2023

(22-06-2023, 01:35 AM)matthieu1221 Wrote:  Forgot to post this earlier but -- Aurélie Casse will be leaving BFMTV to replace Ali Baddou on C l’hebdo on France 5. That's in addition to Jean Baptiste Boursier who's leaving BFMTV for LCI's breakfast show. So that's the 90 Minutes weekdays slot, BFM Story Friday slot, BFMTVSD weekend evenings slot, A l'Epreuve des Faits and BFM Politique slots at Sat/Sun 1pm which need to be filled. 
Julie Hammett from LCI (currently co-hosts the 22h/00h weekday slot with Eric Brunet) will be replacing Aurélie Casse.

Pauline Simonet takes over what is currently the Aprem Info slot hosted by François Gapihan and Karine de Ménonville between 3pm and 5pm (the spiritually successor to the once iconic Non Stop slots on the channel.

Le Dej Info with Pascale de la Tour du Pin is extended an hour to 3pm.

Ashley Chevalier will be taking over JBB’s weekend shows on Fridays and Saturdays with Benjamin Duhamel hosting the Sunday ones as previously mentioned. 

RE: French TV - News Discussion - Medianext.MX - 03-07-2023

This weekend was a weekend of goodbyes over at France 3, as the current 12/13-19/20 formula gives way to the new composite Ici regional news format. Friday, Carole Gaessler made a low key but emotional farewell as she prepares to take over the new Aux jeux citoyens ! magazine. Although rumours were told it might debut tomorrow, there is still no fixed date for the premiere. 
(Video courtesy Lenodal)

Then, this evening, Catherine Matausch gave her final words before her retirement to viewers… disastrously. Automation at FTV’s MCR was not put into pause, cutting off the final seconds of her speech to air a commercial break before the regional weather and Stade 2 (and also before the 20h ad-free rule went into force). 
(Video courtesy Lenodal)

Fortunately, Laurent Delahousse was quick to rescue the cut-off part of the speech and reaired it at the end of today’s 20h Week-end, followed by kind words from Delahousse himself… 

Additionally, France 3’s Twitter page reposted the full speech, and promptly apologised for the incident; the station’s MCR manager on duty Delphine Neden also apologised: 

RE: French TV - News Discussion - gottago - 03-07-2023

Hilarious choice of ident to suddenly interrupt her!

RE: French TV - News Discussion - London Lite - 03-07-2023

France 2's lunchtime bulletin came from the France 3 national news set.