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Starting a new French TV thread (the old one seems to have been carted off and limited to Midterm coverage).

TF1 Pro's Twitter account seems to have forgotten to Tweet about it, but LCI was 2nd in the news channel podium on Nov 11 (a public holiday in France). While it often is 2nd on Weekends, albeit it being a public holiday, it was the first time in a while that it was second on a weekday. 2.9% for BFMTV, 2.7% for LCI, 1.8% for CNEWS.

David Pujadas peaked at around 900k viewers on Thursday at his 6pm/8pm slot. Pretty sure that was the level that Face a l'Info got when Zemmour was still on.

Brunet and Rochebin are also doing very very well at the 10pm/12am slot, almost systematically beating BFMTV.

The rest of the programs barring Les Matins LCI is quite often second or first.

EDIT: seems like they tweeted on the Groupe TF1 account rather than the usual TF1 Pro account


Separately, BFMTV is on strike today. Employees had been on strike since a couple of days but managers of production crews managed to ensure that the channel continued to produce live news programming.

Today, yesterday's Week-end Direct was replayed until 8:30am until which Damien Gourlet and Perrine Storme presented a voice-over only news bulletin which was repeated until BFM Politique which was broadcast live as usual. Since then, a cocktail of Ligne Rouge documentaries have filled airtime.
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