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Posted by: Andrew Wood
2 hours ago
Forum: Industry News and Technology
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An article in The Telegraph says the BBC is intending to sell Elstree, then lease back the space in order to save costs and reduce its carbon footprint.

Elstree is currently the home of EastEnders new set.

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Posted by: Ste
Yesterday, 10:50 PM
Forum: TV/Radio News and Sport Presentation
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This thread is for presentation images and discussion of BeIN Sports channels across the various countries they operate including the Middle East/North Africa (MENA), France, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey and Indonesia. 

I'll start with some images of the main studio and presentation used by the Arabic version the MENA channels.

First some images of the quite basic triangle themed titles used for coverage of all the main leagues they show (English, French and Spanish). A variation of the tiles are used in English too on those channels. Coverage these screenshots are from used the same presenter and studio pundits for Everton v Chelsea and then Clermont vs PSG. 

[Image: vlcsnap-2022-08-06-23h13m30s851.png](Saturday studio)

[Image: vlcsnap-2022-08-06-23h14m15s954.png]

Next to the main studio they used for coverage of the above leagues in Arabic:

[Image: vlcsnap-2022-08-06-23h09m37s766.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-2022-08-06-23h13m18s026.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-2022-08-06-23h15m41s636.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-2022-08-06-23h16m08s544.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-2022-08-06-23h11m57s696.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-2022-08-06-23h12m30s377.png]

Some of the graphics (which are also the same in English but on the opposite side of the screen (as English is read left to right while Arabic is right to left)

[Image: vlcsnap-2022-08-06-23h09m51s996.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-2022-08-06-23h11m50s691.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-2022-08-06-23h14m20s727.png]
[Image: vlcsnap-2022-08-06-23h14m29s784.png]
[Image: vlcsnap-2022-08-06-23h15m31s945.png]

Finally for today, some promo graphics used during during ad breaks. 

[Image: vlcsnap-2022-08-06-23h11m46s484.png]
[Image: vlcsnap-2022-08-06-23h11m38s613.png]

I'll post some images of the English MENA and French channels over the next few days.

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Posted by: Clean Feed
Yesterday, 09:00 PM
Forum: TV/Radio News and Sport Presentation
- Replies (2)

Seems BBC Look East didn't air this evening. BBC London News was shown instead, with the presenter acknowledging viewers in the East at the start of the programme.

Anyone know what happened?

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Posted by: Admin
Yesterday, 07:44 PM
Forum: TV/Radio News and Sport Presentation
- Replies (5)

Due to human error, this thread was deleted a few days after it was created.

Below, the posts that were present in the thread when it was deleted.

MFTJA (4th August 2022, 7.47pm)
"Suppose we need an NI News thread. There was a bit of a cockup at the end of tonights Newsline, they had a nice wide shot of the studio, but the closing music failed to play. It then cut to an odd frame of the titles for a few seconds before fading into a trailer for another programme."

Superman 1986 (4th August, 9.33pm)
"Newsline’s getting a new set in early autumn according to Cleanfeed @ The TV Room. So a temporary set is a matter of weeks away. It’ll be curious to see where the temporary set might be?"

rick (4th August, 10.27pm)
"Would be nice if they finally fixed their titles to remove the badly placed BBC logo as the box around it is visible!"

denton (4th August, 10.32pm)
"It'll be in Studio One while Studio B has the set replaced. That happened in 2016 too when the current set was installed."

Superman 1986 (5th August, 9.31am)
"A complete updated title sequence would be nice."

MFTJA (5th August, 9.36am)
"We won’t be getting that until spring 2023 unless they want to pull a North West Tonight and pour a lot of time and effort into new graphics and titles only to be shoehorned into the corporate look a matter of months later."

Clean Feed (5th August, 10.49am)
"As well as the issue at the end of the 6.30pm yesterday (see clip below), there was an intermittent sound issue on the 10.30pm bulletin, which affected some report packages."

"As revealed on Clean Feed some months ago, a set change is coming soon.

And not long to wait now until the temporary set (based in Studio 1 BH) goes on air. The programme will be based there for a while. A revamped Studio B will go on air in the early autumn.

Unlike the temporary studio arrangement in 2016, the existing set won't be moving to Studio 1 this time. So look out for some differences."

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Posted by: Ste
05-08-2022, 10:45 PM
Forum: TV/Radio News and Sport Presentation
- Replies (4)

New thread for all presentation/coverage related topics for the Premier League across all UK and international broadcasters.

With the new Premier League season starting today, we have a new score graphic from Sky Sports with the club badges instead of either team names or abbreviations.

[Image: Coa0X5R.png]

World feed graphics are unchanged.

Martin Tyler was used by Sky for commentary despite his comments (and subsequent apology) today

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Posted by: Andrew Wood
05-08-2022, 10:21 PM
Forum: TV Presentation
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Has the elusive Googly Eyes ident made it to air in its regular form, yet? I know it's had a couple of appearances as a Sign Zone ident, but I've not seen it as a fully-fledged ident in its own right.

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Posted by: Milkshake
05-08-2022, 06:24 PM
Forum: TV Presentation
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Way back, many many moons ago... yes further back than that.  Certain ITV companies would take great pride to promote their company programmes and talent with specially made promotion. LWT were of course the best know for doing this,   How often did you ever see something like this from Granada or even Yorkshire?    Tyne Tees did give us "We are Tyne Tees people", but it was never really showcasing the talent the company produced.   ITV tried to do something similar a while ago but it just come across rather flat, of course that could be down to the fact ITV has a much smaller pool of talent now. 

1984: at 41 seconds.

ITV 2012 summer:

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Posted by: LaDeDa
05-08-2022, 06:00 PM
Forum: TV/Radio Programme Presentation and General Discussion
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Reading details in another forum , saw some moaning about itv's soaps dominating from 7.30 till 9 on 3 nights...

If itv had same schedule as ones in early 1990s with less soap more 30min 7pm gameshows ratings would be far lower than with extra soap time like now as times have changed.
Also in the 90s itv did have similar 
amount of soap as the bill was on 2 hours a week wed, Thurs 8pm 

The tv landscape has changed
dramatically. There's too many options for entertainment now away from liner tv channels as streaming impact felt more. 

(Away from live sport events) say if focus on BBC one weeknights output...outside say MasterChef and repair shop from 7 till 9pm what other shows bring in the ratings on regular basis?

On channel 4 can only think of bake off between 7 and 9pm 

 Surprised bbc one not helping EastEnders this year at all first moving it against Emmerdale then booting it onto bbc two...
Shouldnt channels try to hold onto stand out shows as long as possible now and help them as harder than ever get regular ratings on weeknights between 7 and 9 pm? 

Look at other channels between 7 and 9pm and how very few shows rate above 2 million, outside of bake off, master chef, repair shop what other shows actually stand out now? 

Honestly believe in future there will be more live news in primetime and shows like the one show type chat shows to fill up to 9pm and very few commissioning anything else.

Even if itv's soaps decline to 2 million per episode by then will still stand out as high ratings as nothing will slow the tide now. As very few alternative shows offered by other channels from 7 till 9 hardly grabbing great ratings.

Prediction in coming years that itv fills evenings with more (this morning) type live filler shows up to 9pm but keeps soaps as they are as no matter how low ratings get as years pass nothing would stand out now and going back to 30 minute gameshows at 7pm is in the past.

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Kaye Adams!! Well I never! lol.

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Posted by: TesTVWhirl
05-08-2022, 03:11 PM
Forum: TV Presentation
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It's become a common topic of recent months how often the BBC have missed changing a logo as part of what has been quite a slow brand rollout. I suppose its understandable as our biggest broadcaster they are held to quite high standards, and maybe we have been spoiled by some very efficient rebrands elsewhere which have stuck in the mind. But it's certainly not always been that way, and I thought for a change of pace it might be interesting just to look at some of the other less-than-smooth branding switchovers from other broadcasters over the years, particularly bearing in mind some of those had so much less estate to actually change at the time.

To kick things off one of the ones that I always think of, being my region of the time, was Tyne Tees in the latter few years of the regional brands in the late 90s and early 2000s. Their surprisingly lovely rebrand of 2000 brought with it a whole new corporate logo for the station which was thoroughly applied to nearly everywhere. Only for the network idents in use for the majority of the day to continue with the old rushed-out-in-an-afternoon corporate logo from 2 years prior, even after they themselves were tweaked with the ITV1 update. I guess by that point it's probably fair to say there was no real incentive from the powers-that-be on really keeping things in the regions looking smart - but even after they went all out with the national branding in 2002, that old local corporate logo doggedly lived on through the teletext service in the North East, and teletext services were still being quite heavily used by audiences in the early 2000s. Unlike some regions this was never replaced until all the ancillary text services were closed down nationwide in late 2004, meaning it would have been 4 years and probably about 2 or 3 pres refreshes before they finally removed the last traces of that old logo from active broadcast.

[Image: tttv2000.jpg?width=400]
[Image: itv1tttv2001.jpg?width=400]
And finally, that old corporate logo still clinging on as of July 26th 2004:-
[Image: tttv_july2004.jpg?width=400]

So any other examples of really slow branding crossovers that spring to mind over the years?

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