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Posted by: JamesWorldNews
Yesterday, 03:03 AM
Forum: Programme Presentation
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Very sad news. Paul has passed away. He was 67.

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Posted by: Blubatt
26-03-2023, 10:27 PM
Forum: Channel Presentation
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Sometimes, you do have to stop yourself and wonder: What is the point of repeating The Chase from yeaterday at 3 in the morning? Yes, people live in the 24 hour world now, where we can access any form of entertainment we want, I reckon some people would appreciate, and even applaud a TV channel closing at bedtime. I digress, this thread is an appreciation of closedowns and sign offs from around the world. 

One of my favourites, stumbled upon by accident, is the Good Night Kiwi. New Zealand's mascot for turning off the Telly Box, letting the cat out, and turning in. The music is haunting, but its a calming enough rendition of Hine E Hine.

What are some of your favourite closedowns and sign offs?

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Posted by: JamesWorldNews
25-03-2023, 08:37 PM
Forum: Programme Presentation
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Carol Vorderman. Fatima Whitbread. Tuffers. Paul Burrell. Amongst others.

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Posted by: Allanbuzzy
23-03-2023, 07:22 PM
Forum: Industry News, Technology and Facilities
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Ofcom, the regulator, has released a fairly strong license proposal that comes into play on April the 1st, holding the BBC accountable for delivering on it's remit, both on it's traditional linear broadcast offerings and it's websites, such as, iPlayer, Sounds, etc.

While digging into what research they had conducted in regards to their online services, I found I tended to agree with most of the participants in the document, as the main homepage of the whole entire corporation just feels like an extended gateway to BBC News, while BBC's services, mainly iPlayer, could do with a significant refocus, away from just being entirely branded as a "catch-up" service.

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Posted by: JHarper_2022
22-03-2023, 06:19 PM
Forum: Programme Presentation
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Quote:Sky Sports is planning to cancel Soccer AM after nearly three decades on air.
The programme has been a fixture on Saturday mornings since 1995, with its light-hearted mixture of football chat, celebrity guests and wacky games.
The broadcaster is proposing the final edition should be on 27 May, at the end of the current football season.

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Posted by: Kojak
22-03-2023, 05:09 PM
Forum: News and Sport Presentation
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As someone generally held in very high esteem on these boards, I think this deserves its own thread. Alastair Stewart is to step back from television after nearly 50 years(!) on our screens. His last programme was this Sunday, though he will continue to appear as an occasional contributor.

Alastair Stewart Wrote:I’m nearly 71 and I still get the most tremendous lift from live television – it’s the best job in the world ... However, the rigours of preparing for two live interview shows a week, and commuting from Hampshire to London for them, are considerable.

I want to reduce my commitment while I’m still ahead as an old broadcaster, rather than an ancient one. Thankfully the timing is mine; I just want to spend more of it with my family, my horses, and the charities that have meant so much to me over the years.

I will admit, I am not at all a regular watcher of GB News - though on the occasions I have tuned in, it's more often than not been to watch his programmes. Having grown up watching him, I will miss seeing him on TV. His pairing with Mary Nightingale on the ITV News at 6.30 (and London Tonight many years before that!) was legendary.

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Posted by: gottago
20-03-2023, 10:24 PM
Forum: Industry News, Technology and Facilities
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This is currently trending on Twitter for the news that the Queen dying meant that ITV had to write off £9m worth of Spitting Image episodes which will never be shown. I didn't realise that a third series had even been commissioned, the whole show's been axed since.

But if you're a real geek there's lots of other bits of interest in this 128 page doc including:

  • SDN income reduced by £15m in the space of a year as contracts signed 10 years ago when Freeview was at its peak have expired and channels are now paying much lower market rates. Their income will only reduce further this year as more of these 10 year contracts expire. Just shows how much less valuable as a platform has become over the years. Britbox and ITVX subscriptions bring in as much revenue as SDN now.
  • ITV are still haunted by the collapse of BoxClever, a TV rental shop part owned by Granada which went into administration in 2003. Some sort of issues with their pension funds which go over my head.
  • Loads of mentions of The Voice of Holland inappropriate behaviour allegations which they've had to ring-fence a load of money for to deal with the legal and production implications.

Nice big list of quite a few dormant companies near the bottom including Carlton Food Network Limited!

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Posted by: Roger Darthwell
19-03-2023, 12:22 PM
Forum: News and Sport Presentation
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20 years ago today marked the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the military operation to disarm Iraq, to free it's people and to defend the world from grave danger after the deadline for Saddam Hussein to leave Iraq expired, so here is some historical material from that day
A fragment of BBC News coverage of the first day of the war (relayed by BBC America)
CNN Iraq War bombing begins
CNN Shock & Awe
Continued CNN coverage
NBC News coverage
Continued NBC News coverage
ABC News coverage
Continued ABC News coverage
CBS News coverage
Continued CBS News coverage
Fragment of FOX News coverage
Fragment of MSNBC News coverage

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Posted by: Rdd
17-03-2023, 10:13 AM
Forum: Channel Presentation
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It’s St Patrick’s Day so a good time to start this thread. For the first time in a while we have some new RTE One idents! Pity they are only for the St Patrick’s Festival, but they make a refreshing change to this channels quite frankly ancient presentation (the idents debuted in their original form in November 2006 and the rest of the pres dates from January 2014). I don’t have video capture these days so no pics at this point but maybe one of the other Irish posters might be able to capture them.

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Posted by: Worzel
12-03-2023, 10:13 AM
Forum: Programme Presentation
- Replies (63)

Looks like it's coming back and we won't have to wait too long...

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