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Posted by: rkolsen
8 hours ago
Forum: News and Sport Presentation
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For the NFL series in London ESPN ever the partner with corporate synergy converted the NFL game into a bunch of players in Andy’s Room from the movie.

It looks like there is little delay between the typical broadcast and this special broadcast.  The hosts are even wearing motion capture suits so they can stand up and demonstrate different plays. Here’s their setup: 

There have been issues but it’s impressive. 

Side by side: 

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Posted by: Blubatt
30-09-2023, 09:51 PM
Forum: Industry News, Technology and Facilities
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In the last few months, I've been doing a lot of traveling, and staying in Hotels. This summer, I was in Benidorm, and was surprised to find ITV Channel Television, Channel 4, and other UK channels playing in our room.

Fast forward to now, I currently have Zweite Deutsche Fernsehen playing in my UK Hotel room. My question to the community is: how do they do this? And as follow up, what have you discovered while channel surfing on your holidays?

Currently, De Quiz Champion is on. While my German is rusty, it seems that a relatively good natured head to head round is on, and it's a film and television question

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Posted by: Keith
26-09-2023, 12:48 PM
Forum: Programme Presentation
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Thought this might just warrant a thread, based on past obituary threads.

David McCallum: NCIS and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. actor dies aged 90

The piece on Breakfast this morning seemed longer than normal obituaries pieces, I guess in part as his career spanned 60+ years.  It was interesting to see an interview with him from the 60s, though I've no idea if that was from a UK or USA programme.  

It was notable that he was still working until fairly recently, having appeared in the most recent series of NCIS that finished airing in May. (A scene which made reference to his former role of Illya Kuryakin.) I've no idea whether he filmed any scenes for the next series, especially given the writers & actors strikes.  I wouldn't be too surprised if the next series includes an episode dedicated to his character's passing, in addition to an obituary slide in the credits.

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Posted by: JamesWorldNews
26-09-2023, 11:35 AM
Forum: Programme Presentation
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So, supposedly, today’s edition of This Morning will tease-out bits and pieces about the next season of DOI.

I hope they pair Holly with Joe Swash. They’d be a good presenting duo.

As for the actual dancing itself, I’m clueless as to why anyone would want to dance on ice. Tried it once. 1987. Never again.

As you were.

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Posted by: Keith
21-09-2023, 03:07 PM
Forum: Industry News, Technology and Facilities
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Quote:Streamed channels face Ofcom regulation
On the day right wing news channel Newsmax secured its own Freeview channel number, the Government has confirmed plans to bring online-only channels under Ofcom control.
Full article: 

In some respects it's slightly surprising that online-only channels weren't already under OFCOM's control.  It may be interesting to see how these channels are defined.  

There's currently got online channels on Freeview which have a channel number.  Then there's FAST channels (and iPlayer equivalent), most of which don't have a dedicated channel number on platforms.  Though unlikely, I wonder if YouTube could potentially even fall under regulation, as their app is commonly included on most smart TVs & platforms, and some YouTube channels contain programmes and live content.

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Posted by: Josh
18-09-2023, 08:01 AM
Forum: Online Presentation
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Wasn't something similar to this planned in the early stages of the streaming era or am I fabricating a false reality?

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Posted by: LouBlu08
14-09-2023, 02:20 PM
Forum: Channel Presentation
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I was watching LittleBe earlier and have noticed two things. One, they're airing Postman Pat, which I've always associated with CBeebies. Second, they've been airing the regular ITVBe idents without any continuity announcements instead of regular LittleBe idents. Anyone know how long they've been using them?

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Posted by: Newsroom
11-09-2023, 11:08 PM
Forum: News and Sport Presentation
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An absolutely fascinating docu-series on LK's years as Pol Ed.

A must must watch for anyone who's lived this insane era. 


It's brilliant!

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Posted by: Jimbo2022
11-09-2023, 12:25 AM
Forum: Channel Presentation
- Replies (21)

Hi. Sorry if this is in the wrong place but does anyone know the reason fir BBC4 ending early tonight at 0145 rather than around 0400? 

And CBBC is meant to be closing at some point, but I thought BBC4 was untouched fir now 

All other days seem to have regular transmission hours for BBC4

Strange. Thanks

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Posted by: tellyblues
10-09-2023, 11:59 PM
Forum: Programme Presentation
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BBC1 schedule for Sat 23rd Sept;

5.30 Picture Slam
6.15 Strictly
8.35 The Wheel
9.35 Blankety Blank

So The Wheel moved from the pre-Strictly slot which is fair enough because Picture Slam seems second tier and too light. BB now later and where I Can See Your Voice was (and which didn't do well there) but BB won't be as heavy going for that time of night. I would say its only problem is following 4+ hours of entertainment so people may be looking for something different, a Casualty perhaps.

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