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Posted by: W. Knight
20-01-2024, 06:03 PM
Forum: Industry News, Technology and Facilities
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The Beeb is auctioning some of their archives on January 30, with online bidding now in progress. 

Largely old records, but there're some equipment and signs that might interest some over here - like a BBC Radio On Air sign! 

For the sake of a thumbnail image: 

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Posted by: Brekkie
18-01-2024, 08:34 PM
Forum: Programme Presentation
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The Traitors discussion largely absent from this forum but one of the best episodes of reality TV ever last night.

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Posted by: CATV
18-01-2024, 04:25 PM
Forum: Online Presentation
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(18-01-2024, 05:02 AM)interestednovice Wrote:  Yes, I see your point.

This “trying to be modern” approach can get quite silly when taken to extremes though, as it arguably has been here.

With BBC Sounds being the in thing now, building off your example about podcasts, the BBC haven’t rebranded “BBC Radio 1” as “BBC Sounds 1” (because “radio is old hat”), for example. We would probably all think it was a bad idea if they did. But that’s how I view the equivalent of UKTV rebranding as U&

BBC Radio1 is like BBC One as in they both won't exist in the future. How the future of radio will look is still up in the air. Will it be more like podcasts or will the BBC launch a stream called "BBC Sounds 1". Time will tell. TV and Radio are dying but they are no dead yet. We are in a transitioning period and broadcasters have to make the move otherwise they get left behind. The focus has to be the future brand not the past.

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Posted by: Radiodog
18-01-2024, 11:37 AM
Forum: Channel Presentation
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Recently saw a promo clip for ‘ tonight on IT ‘from I think the 1990’s that had. the Bill on at 8pm followed by Londons Burning at 8:30pm.

Any idea what day and year this would have been from ?

Before 1993 it was very rare for Thames shows to be shown during LWT airtime and LWT shows on Thames.

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Posted by: excel99
17-01-2024, 08:20 PM
Forum: News and Sport Presentation
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Bloomberg have announced a new schedule today. 

In between all the PR, it seems three hours a day are being cut:
-Bloomberg Markets: European Close
-The 1400ET hour of Bloomberg Markets: The Close
-One of the Asian hours
Being replaced by two hours of Bloomberg Radio simulcasts plus Bloomberg's US Politics show starting to air globally

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Posted by: Brekkie
17-01-2024, 02:42 PM
Forum: Industry News, Technology and Facilities
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The BBC has sold the entire Elstree site, including the EastEnders set, to insurance giant AXA - believed to be for around £70m.. They will lease back the EE set. 

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Posted by: Milkshake
15-01-2024, 06:16 PM
Forum: News and Sport Presentation
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Has All 3 broadcasters started thier rehearsals for the up coming election? Of course if a May general election doesn';t happen will our first chance to see what we might get be the Council elections?

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Posted by: thegeek
12-01-2024, 01:02 PM
Forum: Industry News, Technology and Facilities
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Probably of interest to some here... 

EMG UK were formed in 2022 from the merger of Telegenic and CTV OBs. Their major contracts here include TNT Sports' football and rugby, and a lot of golf, alongside a bunch of light ents and events. They've got a lot of studio and OB operations across Europe.

Gravity was formed in 2019 from Input Media, Gearhouse and HyperActive, and in the UK handle the FA Cup world feeds, ATP Tour, Formula E, and have a large equipment hire division. They also have a big OB fleet in the US and Australia (and one truck in the UK).

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Posted by: Spencer
10-01-2024, 01:45 PM
Forum: Programme Presentation
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Bauer has announced that 15 of its heritage stations in England and Wales will rebrand as Hits Radio in April. 

Whilst it’s sad to see the end of names like Viking, Metro and Radio City, it’s probably about time, given everything outside weekday breakfast on these stations is the Hits Radio network already, so retaining the heritage names seems a bit farcical.

The Scottish and NI stations aren’t included. I also note Pirate FM and Wave 105 are keeping their existing names (for now at least) – are there are others I’ve not thought of?

I think the only surprising thing about this news is how long it’s taken them to do this.

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Posted by: Brekkie
07-01-2024, 10:06 PM
Forum: Programme Presentation
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We've discussed unused idents a few times but just wondering about unused title sequences.

Hollyoaks had a big revamp in 2010 and commissioned a new style opening, even setting a date for them to debut. But for some reason they were dropped and an updated version of the previous style launched a couple of months later instead, but a snippet was leaked. 

There are loads of supposedly unused Doctor Who titles on YouTube but suspect many are just mocks so I'm sure there are people here who can make that distinction better than me - I'm gambling on this one being genuine though: 

And James Mobbs posted an unused Breakfast prototype: 

A few others posted by the designers, though only really of interest if you're familar with what was used:


Penny Dreadful: 

Altered Carbon: 

Big Brother Australia 2012: 

I'm sure there are more out there but it's a case of verifying they're either dropped or not commissioned intros rather than just mocks people try and pass off as unseen intros.

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