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Posted by: Dadeki
20-02-2023, 12:07 AM
Forum: Programme Presentation
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Quote:TV presenter Dickie Davies, who was the face of ITV sports coverage for more than two decades, has died.

The star presented the Saturday afternoon show World of Sport from the 1960s until it ended in 1985.

The show, a mix of live sport including racing, wrestling and football results, competed with the BBC's Grandstand.

BBC News

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Posted by: RDJ
19-02-2023, 07:02 PM
Forum: Programme Presentation
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It does seem as if You've Been Framed! has officially ended production after being on the air for over 30 years.

The repeat on ITV1 just now had all mentions of winning £250 removed and the postal address and web address had been edited out.

Also noticed that it hardly gets repeated nowadays on ITV2.

It's a big shame but it probably nowadays cannot compete with the likes of YouTube and TikTok.

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Posted by: bkman1990
19-02-2023, 01:44 AM
Forum: News and Sport Presentation
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His family have released an official statement on Saturday night UK time to say that Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter has now gone into hospice care at home in the US.

They have asked that his privacy be respected at this time.

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Posted by: Brekkie
17-02-2023, 10:49 PM
Forum: Channel Presentation
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Couldn't see a thread so thought it worth starting it on more generic terms to invite discussion about how the BBC is set up in various countries.

The BBC have announced this week they're launching BBC Nordic and BBC Nordic+ in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.    BBC Nordic will be one linear channel replacing BBC Brit and BBC Earth, with BBC Nordic+ the new streaming service to support that.  

Seems the service concentrates on Factual and Entertainment - BritBox is also available in the area, where the BBC is a 50% stakeholder with ITV, so I guess that is where they put the drama.   I don't think there is a nordic version of BBC First.

Quote:Linear channel BBC Nordic brings together the very best of BBC BRIT and BBC Earth and will replace them in the current channel mix. BBC Nordic+, a new on-demand service will enable viewers to delve deeper into the BBC shows they enjoy from the linear channel and discover new favourites.

With a long-standing history in the five Nordic market, the new channel and on-demand service have been borne out of research into local audiences tastes and the content they most enjoy. They will offer a tailored line up of the brightest factual and feel-good entertainment series from the BBC, making it easier for Nordic audiences to find their favourite programmes and to discover new shows.

Looking further afield and at BBC Select in the US, where the great logo change of 2021-20?? began, and seems they focus only on documentaries too.   And BBC America itself now is nothing of the sort - they screen the Attenborough documentaries all day on a Saturday and Graham Norton on a Sunday night but other than that it's film and reruns of US dramas.

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Posted by: gottago
17-02-2023, 05:51 PM
Forum: Online Presentation
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STV Player is soon to launch what I assume is its first original scripted show (possibly first original show full stop?) Dirty Water. It doesn't necessarily look fantastic, and it's low budget at £100k for three episodes, but interesting to see them move into scripted comedy, especially when I don't think STV the channel has aired any in many years. I wonder if it will ever get a linear repeat after the news or elsewhere in the schedule.

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Posted by: JMT1985
16-02-2023, 05:18 PM
Forum: Programme Presentation
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I know this is strictly not news, but it is included in the RTE News section of their website, but I have just glanced at the guest list for this week's Late Late Show and oh dear!

How does this show still continue on RTE? Their guest list is appalling, and this two hour live programme seems to be dying each year.

As someone said recently, it seems the Late Late Show guest booker seems to only search the RTE canteen to find that week's guests for the show.

Interesting that during the 2020 and 2021 years of the pandemic, the show used to get big stars interviewed of course through video call, but there were still big name guests. Now 2023, and normality has returned, it is back to the Z list Irish personalities of RTE shows, and non entities who fill that 2 hour show each week.

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Posted by: dvboy
15-02-2023, 10:05 PM
Forum: Channel Presentation
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Watching Inside Porton Down on BBC Four HD (Satellite) there appears to be a fault with the sound.

edit: appears to be fine now but looking on twitter it seems to have been an issue all evening

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Posted by: TVenthusiasm
15-02-2023, 04:38 PM
Forum: Programme Presentation
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Saturday Night Takeaway will return on the 25th February:

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Posted by: UTVLifer
15-02-2023, 11:26 AM
Forum: News and Sport Presentation
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I figured that this deserved its own thread, with the news breaking in the last hour that Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is to stand down. 

A press conference from Bute House is coming up at 11AM. I wonder whether STV or BBC One Scotland will break with network and take Sturgeon's statement live

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Posted by: Ballinagrappa
15-02-2023, 01:31 AM
Forum: Programme Presentation
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Does anyone know why Doctors has been pulled this week from BBC One?

J can't see anything in the synopsys that has any parallel to current news stories.

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