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Posted by: TheGregmeister
26-03-2024, 10:20 PM
Forum: Industry News, Technology and Facilities
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This article has been published on the BBC News website today . . .

BBC to explore how to reform licence fee, director general says 

I've made my feelings about the TV Licence on this forum very clear before now. It's an anachronistic obsolete charge. It shouldn't be reformed. It should be abolished.

I think we need to have an honest conversation about this. I don't want the BBC to go away, but it's funding seriously needs to change.

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Posted by: mouseboy33
25-03-2024, 07:45 PM
Forum: News and Sport Presentation
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For decades CityTv perfected the newsroom as its set walking and talking and presenting from its own newsroom. This is the look that was copied globally. Even by Channel 5 in the UK. Well its finally over. They have shoved its presenters behind a desk effectively ending decades of a format they perfected. Sad day and another nail in the coffin of Citytv. 

CityNews has a 24/7 streaming news channel after its first creation CP24 was stripped away when the CHUM sale happened. So you can watch the channel live. 

Its sad to see this innovative and create station reduced to rubble over the years and is neither a shadow of its former self but disppear into the sameness of everything around it. Sad

Nothing tops this icon walk and top open with Gord Martineau. Goodness. So good and raw. So very City in its style. All gone now. 

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Posted by: lookoutwales
25-03-2024, 12:47 PM
Forum: Programme Presentation
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5 Live is going all out to mark its 30th birthday on Thursday.

Jane Garvey and Peter Allen return as guests for Breakfast and Drive, along with special editions of Wake Up to Money, Nicky Campbell's phone-in, the Adrian Chiles show and 5 Live Sport.

There'll also be a Yearbook feature throughout the day - with all 30 clips available online and via the socials. 

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Posted by: TMD_24
22-03-2024, 06:27 PM
Forum: News and Sport Presentation
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There is royal annoucement coming at 6pm with the Channel 5 news extended until 6:30pm. 

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Posted by: lookoutwales
20-03-2024, 02:30 PM
Forum: Programme Presentation
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Didn't know where to fit this so figured it might be worth starting off a new thread.

The 'new' BRMB - which coincidentally 'celebrated' the 50th anniversary of the original station last month - has been given a £1200 penalty for the numerous breaches of its broadcast licence when it was operating as Big City Radio. 

The full 22-page judgement goes into a lot of legalities - and looks at precedent cases - but it does suggest that even management weren't sure if they were responsible for what was going out (and bearing in mind, this is the same ownership as the commercial Sunshine Radio) 

I'm still not sure if they're being entirely truthful - there's only one 'specialist' local show on the schedule (the licence states it's meant to focus on the ethnic communities around Aston) and there's still a few identifiable syndicated shows at weekends.

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Posted by: PATV Scunthorpe
13-03-2024, 10:41 PM
Forum: Programme Presentation
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This seems like something worthy of a thread given how Channel 5 have altered the show over the past year or two.

Following the reformatting and eventual renaming of the original show to "Shop Smart, Save Money". a 'spiritual successor', The Gadget Show name is now being retooled as a podcast reuniting Suzi Perry and Jason Bradbury. 

Will be interesting to hear/see how this plays out, the Twitter account has always stayed as The Gadget Show, though is still linked to Channel 5, while it looks as though the podcast is a separate production not associated with C5. Along the same lines, the YouTube channel is mostly used now for reuploading classic episodes, though does feature the odd clip from Shop Smart, Save Money.

Jason talks in the trailer about the changes to viewing habits, though it would be interesting to see whether this could theoretically lead to a version of the show coming back in the future, or whether the C5 era is all in the past.

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Posted by: tellyblues
12-03-2024, 06:04 PM
Forum: Programme Presentation
- Replies (6) 

1 7 Up series – ITV/Granada + BBC, 1964-2019
2 Life On Earth – BBC, 1979
3 The World At War – ITV/Thames, 1973
4 The Office – BBC, 2001
5 Big Brother – Channel 4, 2000
6 Planet Earth – BBC, 2006
7 Have I Got News For You – BBC, 1990
8 I May Destroy You – BBC, 2020
9 The Singing Detective – BBC, 1986
10 The Day Today – BBC, 1994

11 The Royle Family – BBC
12 Our Friends In The North – BBC
13 I’m Alan Partridge – BBC
14 Boys From The Blackstuff – BBC
15 Blackadder – BBC
16 Strictly Come Dancing – BBC
17 The Thick Of It – BBC
18 Fleabag – BBC/Amazon
19 Only Fools And Horses – BBC
20 The Naked Civil Servant – ITV/Thames

21 Spitting Image – ITV/Central
22 Queer As Folk –-Channel 4
23 The Family – BBC
24 Monty Python’s Flying Circus – BBC
25 House Of Cards – BBC
26 Gogglebox – Channel 4
27 Goodness Gracious Me – BBC
28 The Crown – Netflix
29 Newsnight – BBC
30 Derry Girls – Channel 4

31 Brideshead Revisited – ITV/Granada
32 Chernobyl – HBO/Sky
33 Cracker – ITV/Granada
34 Blue Peter – BBC
35 Inspector Morse – ITV/Central
36 Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy – BBC
37 The Beatles: Get Back – Disney+
38 I, Claudius – BBC
39 Wallace & Gromit: A Close Shave – BBC
40 The Word – Channel 4

41 Death On The Rock – ITV/Thames
42 This is England – Channel 4
43 The Great British Bake-Off – BBC + Channel 4
44 Grange Hill – BBC
45 Pride and Prejudice – BBC
46 Pennies From Heaven – BBC
47 Desmond’s – Channel 4
48 The Big Breakfast – Channel 4
49 Parkinson – BBC + ITV
50 The Traitors – BBC

Surprised that Eastenders and Corrie aren't on there and being fresh in the mind probably accounts for The Traitors' inclusion.

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Posted by: Blubatt
10-03-2024, 05:53 PM
Forum: Channel Presentation
- Replies (58)

Is it me, or is Children's Television going through a nadir? Having grown up throughout the noughties and tens (Which is an incredibly weird thing to say), children's television was in a bit of a golden age that I think was taken for granted.Besides the heavy UK hitters like CBBC Channel, CBeebies, and CITV, we had all of the Disney Channels, Cartoon Network, the Nickelodeon channels, POP, TinyPOP, Kix, et al. I feel like we all took it for granted. It was a great time for Children's TV. That's not to denigrate previous or current generations of kid's television. Everyone has a right to be nostalgic, but I feel like 2000's Children television was the peak of it all, in terms of choice.

Case and point: Continuity from January 2000 Cartoon Network. The Powerhouse branding, the television shows on offer (Boomerang hadn't launched yet, so there was still a lot of Hanna Barbara and Theatrical Shorts) 

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Posted by: RhysJR
05-03-2024, 08:24 PM
Forum: Programme Presentation
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So, today the BBC and Netflix announced the cast of a new drama that's about to begin production about the aftermath of the Lockerbie bombing. 

This follows Sky and Universal Stufios announcing in January they have begun production of a drama...about the aftermath of the Lockerbie bombing. 

All very coincidental that two dramas with the same title about the same topic have begun priduction so close to each other. Will either side be concerned by the similarity in what both are making?

To broaden this out, is there any other examples of similar programmes being made close together like this? Slightly differently, I know both ITV and BBC had shows called Starstruck out last spring (BBC a comedy and ITV a talent show).

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Posted by: lookoutwales
04-03-2024, 09:08 PM
Forum: Programme Presentation
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Thought it might be better to set up a separate thread about S4C programming, especially after all the upheaval documented on the News thread.

Voting for the annual Can i Gymru (Song for Wales) contest on St David’s Day was hit by phone line troubles.

BBC Cymru Fyw reported today that some viewers had claimed they received higher than usual phone bills even after being unable to vote. 

S4C, for its part, said a record 17,000 votes had been cast - substantially higher than last year (and the result doesn’t appear to have come under question)

There’s been a considerable revival of interest in the contest in recent years, largely driven by the (largely mocking) social media commentary.

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