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RE: French TV - News Discussion - Roger Darthwell - 03-07-2023

(03-07-2023, 12:25 PM)London Lite Wrote:  France 2's lunchtime bulletin came from the France 3 national news set. 
Is it because of another strike action?

RE: French TV - News Discussion - Medianext.MX - 03-07-2023

(03-07-2023, 12:25 PM)London Lite Wrote:  France 2's lunchtime bulletin came from the France 3 national news set. 
(03-07-2023, 12:33 PM)Roger Darthwell Wrote:  Is it because of another strike action?

Reading the post clearly, you can see it is not due to industrial action; as advanced earlier in the year, the cathedral studio (located at the Studio Pierre-Desgraupes at FTV headquarters) used for the JT since 2017 is being decommissioned in favour of a smaller-scale new set. The new set, of which details aren't still fully known, is reportedly being built on Studio A (Studio Pierre-Sabbagh) at the PSB's headquarters, according to Lenodal insiders.

The move also involves a recabling of gallery technology, as the cathedral studio was serviced by Gallery 2, and Studio A is currently connected to Gallery 1; this needs a recabling switcheroo that might take a long-time; as a result, as a short-term alternative, Studio D and Gallery 3 are being used for production duties. Both 13h and 20h editions will air from France 3's studio and gallery during (part of) the summer.

RE: French TV - News Discussion - matthieu1221 - 03-07-2023

June news channel ratings from Mediametrie:
Channel - Jun 23 (change from May 23 / change from Jun 22)
BFMTV - 3.4% (+0.5% / +-0%)
CNEWS - 2.4% (+0.2% / +0.3%) - ahead of LCI by 0.01%
LCI - 2.4% (+0.2% / +0.9%)
franceinfo - 0.8% (+0.1%) / +-0%)

Overall total for news channels: 9% (+1% / +1.2%).

RE: French TV - News Discussion - London Lite - 03-07-2023

Franceinfo started their holiday mode today.

For those who don't know how it works, tv in France goes into semi-hibernation at periods during the year. If you watch BFMTV, CNEWS or LCI, normal shows continue with cover (jockeys they're called in France) presenters with the branded shows, however Franceinfo change the schedule with the bare minimum of live presentation. (BFM will stop the 4h30-6h edition of Prémiere édition during the break, but otherwise stays the same).

Only the morning show from 6h30-8h30 has the same level of on-air journalists and live output. Otherwise you get shorter blocks of Le fil info with filler towards the back 15 minutes after each hour. Le 23h is scheduled 7 days a week instead of 3 as a live 30 minute bulletin, which is then repeated at 23h30 until the handover with France 24.

Normal service resumes late August or early September with a brand new schedule of which there will be some big changes, such as the new presenter of the morning show replacing Samuel Etienne and the rumoured new presenter of the 21-23h Franceinfo soir slot.

RE: French TV - News Discussion - matthieu1221 - 05-07-2023

Some TF1 news division updates here but I'll only be covering the LCI part of it:
- As previously mentioned, Jean-Baptiste Boursier will be hosting the weekday morning show. According to Thierry Thuillier, the revamped morning show will not resemble any of the other news channels' offerings. There will still be news bulletins (Kady Adoum-Douass is staying in the newsreader role) and weather bulletins, but there will be a focus on longer and more in-depth coverage. Soazig Quéméner will be joining for political topics, Pascal Perri is staying on for the business chronique and so is Adrien Gindre for the 8:30am political interview.
- Stefan Etcheverry's future role hasn't been decided yet, but he might be involved in coverage of the Rugby World Cup.
- Ruth Elkrief, as previously mentioned, will be leaving the 8pm/10pm slot to join 24h Pujadas as an editorialist. Thuillier explains that she wanted to be able to have more of her opinion on air, especially considering how local political coverage and associated interviews (which she always specialised in) are now less of a priority with LCI's international/Ukraine shift.
- Instead, Amélie Carrouër will be joining Julien Arnaud between 8 and 10pm on weekdays. Amélie Carrouër currently hosts En Toute Franchise on Saturdays and Sundays between 6pm and 8pm and 24h on Fridays at the same time. She is currently on maternity leave and is being covered Fridays and Saturdays by Emmanuel Ostian and on Sundays by Adrien Gindre.
- Émilie Broussouloux will be replacing Julie Hammett (who's off to BFMTV's 90 minutes weekday slot to replace Aurelie Casse) between 10pm and midnight on weeknights alongside Eric Brunet.
- Replacing Amélie Carrouër's En Toute Franchise slot, Darius Rochebin will be on air between 6pm and midnight on Sundays only -- Darius Rochebin has on occasion subbed in for 24h on Fridays before hosting his 8pm/midnight show but doing it weekly will be pretty remarkable.
- Paul Larrouturou (who co-hosts a part of Le Temps de L'Info on weekdays between 9am and 12nn) will be involved in more digital formats with TikTok lives and new formats for Instagram and Snapchat. 

RE: French TV - News Discussion - Medianext.MX - 05-07-2023

Staying with TF1, Monday saw the posthumous dedication of Studio 1 at the broadcaster's HQ (Boulogne-Billancourt) to Jean-Pierre Pernaut's memory: 

RE: French TV - News Discussion - matthieu1221 - 07-07-2023

France 2’s current cathedral size news set being dismantled 

RE: French TV - News Discussion - Roger Darthwell - 10-07-2023

I am unsure whether to post this here or on the International News Presentation: Past and Present but still, today marks 15 years since Patrick Poivre D'Arvor hosted his last ever Journal de 20 heures de TF1, he was the main host of the programme for 21 years at that point 

RE: French TV - News Discussion - matthieu1221 - 10-07-2023

His name had been floating around for a while already... but it's now confirmed that Jean-Baptiste Marteau will be replacing Samuel Etienne next season for franceinfo's breakfast slot. 

RE: French TV - News Discussion - London Lite - 10-07-2023

Some other points of interest from that news report.

I don't like the idea of sharing columnists with TéléMatin as they rush between two studios which target completely different audiences. The fact the current team works so well and is Franceinfo's most viewed bulletin, should be enough to warrant their own on-air team. Hopefully it's just those who focus on international news who are shared between the two programmes and not the existing columnists.

Jérôme Chapuis joins Salhia Brakhlia for the 8.30 Franceinfo political interview radio simulcast.

Apparently tomorrow is when we find out the new line-up for Franceinfo TV in full.