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RE: French TV - News Discussion - Roger Darthwell - 20-09-2023

(20-09-2023, 06:05 PM)London Lite Wrote:  I've finally watched Franceinfo's children's bulletin. C quoi l'info ? which went out at 18h55.

[Image: 19-20%20info%20(Franceinfo)_2023_09_20_1...31_169.jpg]

[Image: 19-20%20info%20(Franceinfo)_2023_09_20_1...35_028.jpg]

[Image: 19-20%20info%20(Franceinfo)_2023_09_20_1...04_257.jpg]
Is this France Télévisions' version of Newsround?

RE: French TV - News Discussion - London Lite - 20-09-2023

Also on Franceinfo, during the simulcast with France 2 of the visit of King Charles III to Paris today, they've managed to level the Franceinfo DOG and crop it, so it's level with the clock.

[Image: Franceinfo%20King%20Charles.jpg]

RE: French TV - News Discussion - W. Knight - 21-09-2023

(03-09-2023, 04:46 PM)London Lite Wrote:  Trailer for the new 11pm bulletin on Franceinfo. 
I don't think this has be shared, but this is how Franceinfo's new 11pm news looked: 

RE: French TV - News Discussion - mouseboy33 - 21-09-2023

(21-09-2023, 08:51 AM)W. Knight Wrote:  I don't think this has be shared, but this is how Franceinfo's new 11pm news looked: 

So the headline intro is about 1.25 same has NBC Nightly News. Lets see if it gets the same comments.

RE: French TV - News Discussion - matthieu1221 - 22-09-2023

Belliard's show has finally premiered 

News coverage has been heavily dedicated to the two visits this week: Charles and the Pope. Even LCI took some time off Ukraine and was using its light graphics mode. 

Meanwhile, looks like Ruquier and Hammett are now rehearsing with debaters 

RE: French TV - News Discussion - Medianext.MX - 25-09-2023

Yesterday was Election Day in France, this time, for the Senate. This is a quite confusing election: three years ago (after the municipal elections), half of the MPs were subject to election (the so-called Série 2), and yesterday the other half was renewed (Série 1, composed of 170 MPs from 34 departments, the Paris IDF region, and 6 Outre-Mer departments and territories, plus 6 MPs representing the expat population).

Coverage on French TV was limited this time: France 3 covered the results during an extra programme aired after an episode of the BBC Two series Vienna Blood, presented by François Letellier. Public Sénat (one of the two parliamentary channels) had a special election results programme, presented both from the Conference Room of the Grand-Palais de Luxembourg and the channel's studio, with Tâm Tran Huy and Thomas Hugues presenting and Quentin Calmet serving as the election graphics presenter. 

Speaking of Public Sénat, the channel has a new studio since the start of this season (images from Lenodal):

[Image: image.png]
[Image: imagede296426a195f436.png]

Speaking of the papal visit to Marseille and the Royal visit, it was not a good day for neither TF1 nor France 2. Médiamétrie ratings show the live mass aired by both networks only assembled a 12.6% figure on TF1 and a 12.1% over at France 2.

In contrast, both networks aired another live interview with President Macron yesterday. The conversation, helmed by both TF1 and France 2’s weekend anchors, had a 27.1% share on TF1 and 22.9% on France 2. However, the interview didn’t boost neither channel’s evening newscasts, which remained in their normal share ranges.

Laurent Ruquier's new BFMTV show continues its promotional blitz for tonight's debut: 

RE: French TV - News Discussion - matthieu1221 - 25-09-2023

A real time thread counting down to the launch showcasing the BTS 

RE: French TV - News Discussion - matthieu1221 - 25-09-2023

I think this is when it can start being qualified as a little OTT Big Grin 

RE: French TV - News Discussion - London Lite - 25-09-2023

According to my EPG, Ruquier is only presenting for an hour tonight, with Julie Hammett continuing with her old show which has been rebranded as Le 60 minutes after she lost the extra 30 mins.

RE: French TV - News Discussion - matthieu1221 - 25-09-2023

For those who hate a very long top of the hour sequence, don't watch!