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RE: French TV - News Discussion - matthieu1221 - 04-01-2024

BFM Radio will be launching it's first standalone show. Currently, the radio station is just an 100% simulcast of BFMTV. 

RE: French TV - News Discussion - matthieu1221 - 05-01-2024

The Bonjour ! intro was unveiled in the 13h today. 

And Bonjour ! will have a digital clock unlike Telematin. 

RE: French TV - News Discussion - matthieu1221 - 07-01-2024

(02-01-2024, 09:17 PM)matthieu1221 Wrote:  The Saturday 1pm A l'Epreuve des Faits show with Celine Pitelet has disappeared from schedules (Pitelet is moving to Weekend Direct). 

A l'Epreuve des Faits is now a part of Celine Pitelet's Weekend Direct from Fridays to Sundays. A pretty good change. The hour long show was often quite long and tedious to watch whole whilst having something other than debates in Weekend Direct can only be a good thing.

RE: French TV - News Discussion - London Lite - 08-01-2024

According to the Franceinfo EPG, France 5 show C dans l'air will now air at 21h on Franceinfo from Monday-Thursday, this replaces the short edition of Planéte info which was basically a standard news bulletin and the repeat filler from 21h20 onwards. The hour long edition of Planéte info stays at 22h.

RE: French TV - News Discussion - matthieu1221 - 08-01-2024

Bonjour ! launched today 

William Leymergie, yes yes, the longtime Telematin host came to see hi. 

Over on Telematin, can't say 'Bonjour' anymore now that it's the competitor's name! Big Grin 

Franceinfo's matinale got a new look (allegedly the backdrop was originally supposed to be a part of France 2's new news look in September but ended up not being used) 

RE: French TV - News Discussion - London Lite - 08-01-2024

No C dans l'air on Franceinfo tonight. It was replaced by Lucie Chaumette presenting a 20 minute round table debate about French PM Elisabeth Borne's resignation followed by filler and a repeat of the 20 minute debate.

Planéte info is currently on as I post, but started with Elisabeth Borne as the lead rather than environmental news.

RE: French TV - News Discussion - London Lite - 08-01-2024

Bonjour ! had the cheesiest intro to a new show. Toussiant opening the door complete with door bell with every single member of their team saying "Bonjour" geddit?

I'm not keen on the apartment set either, however I liked how the lighting got much brighter as the morning went along to match the daylight shown on the screens behind Bruce.

As expected, it's very ITV/TF1 esque. Fluffier than TéléMatin, the newsreader getting their own area of the set and features that plugged TF1 shows. Today's show heavily promoted the return of former France 3 soap Plus belle la vie.

While on LCI, full credit to them by having a warm welcome for the new weather presenter Vanessa Matagne followed by a round of applause after she did her first bulletin on Le 6/9. Matagne spent the whole of last week on RTL-TVI in Belgium on location covering the floods in the country in addition to pre-recording her normal forecasts.

I don't know if Vanessa will be returning to RTL-TVI to cover shifts or if she's under contract to LCI?

RE: French TV - News Discussion - Brekkie - 08-01-2024

Funny how other countries cope perfectly fine with an outdoor view which is dark in the mornings.

I like that set - it's quite fun, and a bit Big Brother too with all the remote cameras in shot. Every French news show though seems to be several people around a big desk.

RE: French TV - News Discussion - London Lite - 09-01-2024

I haven't seen this Breaking News strap before on Franceinfo. 

RE: French TV - News Discussion - Morganeko - 09-01-2024

It is not the first time Franceinfo: uses a red strap for breaking news, but it is indeed a rare occurrence there.