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RE: ITVX - Brekkie - 23-08-2023

God, have they still not fixed these issues.

RE: ITVX - Humphrey Hacker - 23-08-2023

(23-08-2023, 10:07 PM)Brekkie Wrote:  God, have they still not fixed these issues.

As we say in Yorkshire

"Have they eckerslike"

RE: ITVX - cable - 25-08-2023 

RE: ITVX - cable - 25-08-2023

On August 24th, ITVX was awarded the title of Best On Demand Service at the Edinburgh TV Awards 2023.

Rufus Radcliffe, MD of Streaming said: “To be named Best On Demand Service at the prestigious Edinburgh TV Awards less than nine months since we first launched ITVX, and against such heavyweight competitors in the same category, is such an accolade for the platform and the committed team across ITV behind it.” 

RE: ITVX - all new phil - 26-08-2023

Increasingly finding ITVX difficult to watch live channels on. Our main tv manages fine with Sky Stream, so no issues with internet speed, but watching anything on ITVX through the Fire stick in the bedroom is near impossible with constant freezing. IPlayer is fine.

RE: ITVX - Brekkie - 26-08-2023

I've never managed to watch ITVX on a Firestick without issues. ITV Hub was fine. I can only watch it on a Roku stick as they made it incompatible with many Freeview Play devices too (I'd only bought that last year too).

RE: ITVX - harshy - 26-08-2023

I can’t even get 1080p out of it, even though my internet speed is fine elsewhere.

RE: ITVX - London Lite - 26-08-2023

1080p works for me using my Fire TV Cube 2nd generation.

RE: ITVX - cable - 03-09-2023 

not sure I agree with this... Isn't summertime traditionally when people aren't watching as much? Yes it on demand but people are still going on holidays and doing other things.

RE: ITVX - Toby brown - 03-09-2023

One problem I have with itvx and iplayer is they don't let you watch local news live you have to sit through London news instead. Surely as more people get smart tv's they are going to have to work on this