Channel 4 Pres: 2023 - Present

New endboard for Steph’s Packed Lunch spotted before Countdown. A “Giant” ident was still used however.

Endboards on all C4 channels have been slightly updated to say ‘Stream free’ rather than ‘Stream free on All 4’, and the Channel 4 endboard has been rebranded to include the new green logo, and the new gradients from the multicoloured ident.
I bet the new Channel 4 idents might appear tonight, and unannounced too like the last rebrand in 2015.
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All Channel 4, E4, More4 and Film4 promos are now showing: “Stream Free” or “Watch Live at (insert time)”
Also Channel 4s promos have had a makeover as well.

Virgin Media has also had the green makeover for channel logo and app.

Funny how quick Channel 4 can get logos updated with providers, yet it took the BBC how long to get them done?

Will be interesting to see if a new look launches today or not, the changes being made on and off air today would seem to suggest so...

That endbroad isn't given me much faith in the new idents.

Green ident (apologies for the quality)
[Image: gZZGiAB.png]
E4 Stream free endboard:
[Image: r2nRVjb.png]
More4 Stream free endboard:
[Image: Np5WPTr.png]

The "Stream now, or watch live" phrasing is a bit clunky, especially when you haven't given a name for the service you want people to stream on and think just calling it the same name as the main TV channel is a sensible idea.

Also, I think the endboards having images from different shows is a terrible idea. Why not have a few images from the show/film or icons associated with the genre of programming instead?
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I'm sure most viewers won't mind what the streaming service is called provided they can still watch Taskmaster or the news. "4OD", "All 4", and "Channel 4" all redirect to the website on Google so there's no harm in just centralising the names for these products.

Full-screen endboard (w/o show images): 

What does that say about a channel if it scares fish? Just talk me through that.

Florescent green on the white blocks looks dreadful. It just doesn't work. I presume new graphics will be soon introduced come tonight, but ugh, let's hope they've given the block man his rest.
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