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(31-10-2023, 04:42 PM)Ash101 Wrote:  I believe Ian Collins is only on for an hour at 3pm before Vannesa is now 4 till 6pm.Vanessa

Thanks a lot for that.

I see Kevin and Alex are also confirmed to be doing 1pm-3pm in addition to their 9:30am-10am newspaper slot.
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TalkTV has launched it's new schedule today.
Kevin O'Sulivan and Alex Phillips have moved to 9:30-10:00 in the 'Mike & Kev' slot. They are using Studio 3 with a section of the Piers desk. The sofa has been dumped completely, to be replaced with new seating later. 

Julia Hartley-Brewer has moved into the old Mike Graham slot from 10:00-13:00. No branding changes for her given she only recently got a new look. The show was today however also in Studio 3, due to a pre-record in Studio 1. 

Cross Talk also launched at 13:00-15:00, hosted by Kevin & Alex. 
Quite an interesting branding choice, gives me GBN vibes but the backdrop is quite effective. 

Later today, Peter Cardwell will be hosting Ian Collins future slot from 3-4. Vanessa will also be on from 4-6 in Studio 3 with new seating, as will The Talk from 6-7 which is also getting a new look.
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The seating is temporary I'm told (in studio 3), they're the old chairs from Ealing.
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Vanessa is now on air from 16:00-18:00, featuring new seating, which were previously used at Ealing.
The Talk will also be using this arrangement, albeit with a refreshed look. 
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The space sure looks bigger without the wrap-a-round Fox and Friends style sofa
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Having Kevin and Alex do half an hour at 0930, go away for three hours then come back and do their full show at 1300 is one of the most ridiculous scheduling quirks I’ve seen in a long time - presumably forced because Kyle and Hartley-Brewer wouldn’t budge on either side without substantial pay rises.

How long will this incarnation of the line-up last? Til Christmas?

Did the 3pm show revert to the Radio studio?

(06-11-2023, 09:36 PM)Ash101 Wrote:  Did the 3pm show revert to the Radio studio?
It should be moving to the TV studio from next week when Ian starts in the slot.

Interesting that they used the TV studios (for the first time?) for Peter Cardwell's extended 10am to 3pm show.
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So are these still radio programmes simulcast on TV, but now presented from a TV studio rather than a radio studio?

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